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  • Part 3// but i think i've just grown out of it myself. it was a fun run but i feel the server is heading in a more kid friendly safe space and i don't really wanna vibe with that yk. again, might be back in the future so who knows but till then, peace out bbys <3
    Part 2// i've been thinking about leaving for a while but alas, i have a rank and i bought my friend a rank so it would be mentally punishing to leave that $30 without use. of course if a friend wants to play then so be it, you might see me.
    Part 1// hello y'all. i took a break from the server due to family issues but it really made me think about how the server has changed over time. the chat filter is unbearable and i don't entirely think i'm over exaggerating that.
    damn bro, hate it when i can't be online for a week or few because of a larger scale family problem - meaning that my stuff gets locked. real shame isn't it.
    i bought some periodic table flashcards. give me a number and i'll type out the info on the back of the card because i can.
    i'm not a necroposter to the one person tagging staff after my posts on forums - i simply forgot i had an account here and i'm trying to be more active within the forums <3
    no it's my fault, I didn't know necroposting was allowed on suggestion and game threads. I didn't mean it to be rude or anything at all.
    if i show up to your younger siblings birthday party wearing an ahegeo hoodie, just don't ask questions and serve me the cake.
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