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    Character Requests • N.W [Closed]

    See you around, Night. Good luck on the mobile game!
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    What are the worst roleplays on CF?

    A real pet peeve I had in my early days on CF was when I would go to Vampire vs. Human rps, and the vampires WOULDN'T FOLLOW THE RULES OF BEING A VAMPIRE. Stake to the heart? No dice. Sunlight? Still alive. Religious items? Not even a chance. I would be using all these age-old tricks on the...
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    Character Requests • N.W [Closed]

    Awesome art, he looks so cool! Y'know, Kus is actually part of a trio of sorcerers, and I was originally gonna request the other two. But then you closed requests, so I guess one will have to do.
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    People who say they're terrible at advertising,

    Some (most) are too anxious to directly tell someone no so they feel the need to come up with a lie in fear of being scrutinzied, albeit for a single moment.
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    Character Requests • N.W [Closed]

    Whhaaat! A video game? That's insane. Hope it goes well for you.
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    Character Requests • N.W [Closed]

    Name: Kus Gender: Male Height: 5'2" Age: 216 Description: Kus is a dried up corpse that is somehow still alive. He is one of two apprentice sorcerers to some guy named Satin. His eyes and mouth glow a light blue, with a sickly smile spread across his face. He wears a tattered red cloak with...
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    A small, yet useful fact about the RP system.

    This is like a foreign language to me I have no clue what you are trying to convey.
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    Tavern Rp

    it dropped
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    About Elysium...

    All the need for the hate. This entire thread is a cesspool of disrespect and saltiness. You all put on your masks and pretend you're sad that Elysium is gone, but we all know that you're secretly rejoicing so that your crappy roleplay get an ounce of attention. You and Bobble, the Elysium...
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    About Elysium...

    Stop pretending like you know what fully happened. Edit: Also the reason we all hated you is because you're genuinely a terrible person.
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    About Elysium...

    There's a lot of things I want to say about this situation, but I will refrain from saying so.
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    Character Requests • N.W [Closed]

    Yaaayyyyyyyy! It's the homeless man! Thank you very much.