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  • I'm stressed for school next week
    Have a Merry Christmas to everyone for a great year in 2018! Let's all move forward to 2019!
    May your birthday be filled with laughter, smiles, and maybe just a bit too much cake. ;)
    Happy Birthday! :)
    Happy sweet 16th birthday!
    Eat lots of cake :3
    Happy 16th Birthday!
    Happy bday Decade!
    Happy birthday! Have a great day.
    happy birthday
    *clap clap today is dekeiido day
    I do not have enough time because it's my birthday on December 16, but I need to get the story "Dekeiido's 5th Anniversary of Minecraft to be DONE at 12 am! I am sick and tired of these due dates I made! I need to get this done! The new due date will be after the party!
    Everyone, I will be extending the due date for "Dekeiido's 5th anniversary of Minecraft" to midnight on December 16, 2018, which is my birthday. I need more time to work on this.
    Dieu Et Mon Droit!
    No one is ever allowed to say "Emma" in Arabic. It's too obvious and is not meant to be a joke.
    Unless you’ve been held back a year, I’m pretty sure You’re Year 11/10th grade not Year 10
    I'm in Australia. Year 10/10th grade/Grade 10 in Australia means Year 11 in New Zealand
    Also, who/what is Tori?
    Am I active? Am I not? Let's find out!
    Sorry for the forum inactivity!
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