Hey all, I am Dekeiido (aka iiDecade and MadTG), and I started visiting CreativeFun in September 2016.

Dekeiido's Status:
Start of Visit: September 18, 2016
Support Ending: January 24, 2021

About me:

I am Dekeiido. Also, you can call me Deke, Dek or Bonvie. You can call me either of those. I am currently 16 years old (as of December 28, 2018). I like to make new friends, I like memes, girls, art, gaming and some Japanese (even though I used Translate and spoke a few words I know, and most numbers in Japanese for up to 999)

I am currently in Australia and lived in Brisbane, Queensland. My timezone is currently UTC+10 all year round (Queensland).

Also, in the future, I will plan to have a better life and to find a better Japanese lesson in my life.

Change of Plans:
From January 2nd to February 2nd, 2018, I decided to not apply for ChatMod due to a month of vacation. I am unable to plan for ChatMod due to a digital detox, but do not worry. I will start to be online every day, and I still have the chance to try to plan stuff for ChatMod during school days because I am required to bring my BYOD.

I wanted to become a ChatMod really quickly by doing so in December 2017, because I have never been staff before. Some players may have left CreativeFun, some may have arrived, but some have arrived after a permanent ban. Therefore, the ChatMod plan has been canceled for me. I will start doing so on school days.

The reason why January 2018 is not the correct month of the year to become a CreativeFun Chatmod is that my mom has planned a 1-month trip, which is the same time of new members waiting before they apply for ChatMod. If they plan another trip again, I would do the same thing from 2020, 2021, etc. I tried it once since January 2017, but they denied me from bringing the position to ChatMod.

I am not sure if I can make things possible to become ChatMod at some point, maybe I would've changed my mind or have lied. So, to fix up with my plan, I am trying to be active as soon as possible and I will look forward to the best of my ability into being stronger and supportive.

Dekeiido will possibly become a ChatMod in 2019-2020.

You can still see me, and I'm still supportive.

Social Media:
Instagram: bonvie_m
Discord: Dekeiido#6596
Dec 16, 2002 (Age: 16)
my 2019 shop
Tori/Emma Finder, Boredom Killer




Dieu Et Mon Droit
Dekeiido - 16 - Yr11 - $10 - QLD


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