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  • Do you want a sip of tea?
    Sorry for this being so late but congrats!
    Sorry ima little late but u and mvs!!
    I predicted this :} congratulations omigod!
    I know we’re not besties but u totally deserve this and will do great things I know!
    congrats !!!
    Congrats new DADmin! :)
    Tea aaahh! Congratulations on the promo, you'll do awesome my bro
    Congrats Tea! You deserve this. You'll make an amazing admin! Keep up the great work.
    Congrats Gall!! I'm proud, never expected you'd be an Admin when we were still playing Mafiaa sometime last year ;D
    Congrats tea!! :D told you it'd be you ;)
    To be fair, I said it'd be you first- which it was ;)
    Well well well, how's figuring out forums going for you my friend
    "How do you do the forums thingy"
    w0w GALL CONGRATS! I'm so happy for you! :D!!!!
    Congrats mom and welcome to the fourms
    /wow/ congrats silly thing
    The man himself is here
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