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    Ableism on CF -- Why Its a Problem

    You are staff at this roleplay?
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    OFFICIAL Plot Minigames Progress

    I like this idea and I've thought about something like this before. Not necessarily having three separate chat channels but having three different options on how you want to advertise (/a roleplay, /a minigame, /a build). "Build" would be where people want to advertise for people to come see...
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    Cf Is Dying

    Refrain from necro-posting please.
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    Cfvision? (Creative Fun Eurovision? Whould yall be up to it?)

    I would like to be the singer for the UK.
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    I can't do that.

    I can't do that.
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    Discussion regarding CF

    I want to add on to some of the points Ecoya has made: This doesn't make sense to me. Everyone who is staff management+ has been on the team since 2015 or since the very beginning of the server. There's no reason for you to not trust those people. Kqwi and I have been on the team since 2018 and...
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    Discussion regarding CF

    This server is so cool and I love it so much! :) I'm so happy I got to experience such a welcoming community of people and the staff on here are such lovely people! The rules are amazing and they make me feel so comfortable on this family friendly server. The staff don't tolerate any kind of...
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    Kind of unfair mute in my opinion

    You were not muted for saying "idot". You can use /mutes to see the messages you were muted for and hopefully that clears it up for you.
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    Kind of unfair mute in my opinion

    None of your mutes are for saying "idot", you were muted for bypassing a swear word in local. If you want to report any staff members then talk to LetsTimeOut#0001 or SuperMonis#0001 on Discord and they can help you.
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    Feedback on CF

    Please don't necro-post.
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    Original Roleplay Ideas

    I don’t roleplay so I have no idea if these are similar to any roleplay storylines out there already - sorry if they are. Also these are roleplay ideas I’ve had in mind for ages and some of them I have even built maps for but cleared them just because I have a habit of building something cool...
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    Role Plugin?

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    Future jobs

    Full-time Creative Fun Administrator.