I'm Liam, also known as Kqwi!
(Pronounced: Kuh-q-wee / Kukuwee, similar to the Pokémon Professor Kukui)
I'm a Dutch 19 year-old who loves building in Minecraft! I'm currently an Admin on this server and I love it! <3

Do not like-spam me!
Like-spams are a form of abusing forum ratings, which is punishable.

Ships belong on the sea! - Kqwi 2k18
I do not ship people, because online relationships often end in a lot of drama. Shipping people encourages them to get into a relationships, thus most likely also encourages them to be involved in a lot of drama. I also request to not be shipped myself because of this reason.
My Plots:
NOTE: Plots with an asterisk are the plots I currently mostly work on.
- Plot 1 (/home KiwiMansion)*: My modern mansion, which is part of Kiwi City, a city primarily located on Plot 2. This plot will likely also have some other random stuff in the future.
- Plot 2 (/home KiwiCity)*: On this plot, I’m building my second city, named Kiwi City! I'm adding more and more buildings to this city over time. Kiwi City has a partnership with Newhill (see CF3, Plot 1). This city is also the capital of the yet unnamed 'country' consisting of all my plots.
- Plot 3 (/home MarsBaseAlpha): Planet Mars, including a Martian Base.
- Plot 1 (/home Koali)*: Koali Island An Island close to Newhill, with the tropical Town of Hau'loa City and a bunch of Summer Activities!
- Plot 2: A plot divided in 4 corners, each with a seasonal build. So far, one has a Halloween Mansion and one has a W.I.P. Christmas Area.
- Plot 3 (/home KiwiBB): KiwiBB, my very own build battle arena!

- Plot 1: Newhill (/home Newhill): A thriving city full of Culture/Arts, and Science! My first city, and one of my largest projects on Creative Fun so far. I don't really work on it anymore, as I've focused my attention on Kiwi City (see CF1, Plot 2).
- Plot 2: Newhill Airport: The Airport of Newhill.

- Plot 3 (/home Altaria)*: The medieval village of Altaria: This village houses several churches, a harbour, a small fishing village and more! It is home to Altaria Cathedral, the head church of the yet unnamed 'country' consisting of all my plots.

Other plots I play a significant role on:

- /home Oceania, located on Inhf's CF3 Plot. It's a company owned by Inhf and beaars. I'm a Co-Owner and have built several of its builds.

- /home Fruit, located on iiMeg's CF3 Plot. On this plot, I have built a mansion for the 'family' I, her and several other friends used to have.
Some Trivia about me:
Minecraft/Server related:
- IGN: Kqwi
- Member of the server since: January 2016 (Note: /seen says February 10th 2017, that's because there was a server transfer back then.)
- Promoted to ChatMod on: December 9th 2017 (Promotion dates are in the CE(S)T timezone.)
- Promoted to Moderator on: March 18th 2018
- Promoted to Admin on: July 28th 2018
- Building Style: Modern, Urban, basically anything not too detailed

- Favorite Food: Pizza!
- Favorite Colors: Blue, Purple, Pink (as you could probably already tell from this page)
- Favorite Animal: Dogs

- Favorite Music: Don't really have a specific kind of music I like the most, but I think Avicii is one of my favorite artists. I also like music from bands like Queen.
- Education: Second year University Student, majoring in Astronomy.
- Sports: I've done judo and chess in the past, but never really got good at either of them, eventually the weekly sessions bored me. I'm now getting into longboarding, more specifically the cruising aspect.
- Languages I speak (from best to worst): Dutch, English, French, German
- Interests: I've been interested in Space since I was young, and therefore I am now majoring in Astronomy at University.

Well, that's about it, I guess...

Some other stuff about me can be found here (my Introduction Thread). Don't post on it, as necro-posting is against the rules! I also had some information on Lyndss' first 'Make new friends' Thread, but that thread unfortunately got deleted.
Other accounts:
Discord: Liam#7186

Planet Minecraft
Credits to Mayoko for both my current Forums Profile Picture and my old Discord Profile Picture! (Also found below in my Art Gallery)
Credits to Darksaber_x for being so generous to buy me the $10 rank (on November 4th 2017), later upgrade my rank from $10 to $35 (About the beginning of February 2018, I don't remember the exact date) and even later upgrade my rank from $45 to $55 (February 27th 2018)!
Credits to Lyndss for being so generous to upgrade my rank from $35 to $45! (February 25th 2018)

Credits to Mikcey for "wasting money" to upgrade my rank from $55 all the way to $100! (March 1st 2018)
Helpful Links:
Rules || FAQ || How to use BB Codes || All Trophies || How to use WorldEdit || How to add an Image to a thread using Imgur

Art Gallery:
(Artworks that people have made for me (and in some cases for other people too))

This Gallery is in chronological order of when the art was made.

Some art may not load. If this is the case, try reloading the page.

Art that has gold decoration around the creator's username is art that I use or have used as a Profile Picture.

The listed usernames were the creators' usernames at the time they created their artwork. To find their current usernames, use NameMC.

-=(+)=- By Bxnks -=(+)=-


By mhiiilky

By StealTheCake (I'm the one on the right, Steal herself is the one on the left)

(That thing on the bottom right? That's a potato. Yup.)

By Natsukkiii (I'm the 4th one from the left.)

-=(+)=- By _Savage_MEMEZZZ_ -=(+)=-


By Bxnks


By Itz_Dangergirl


By Itz_Dangergirl

By xx_floydfox_xx (IGN = thcnder) (Me together with some other (ex-)members of the staff team.)


-=(+)=- By Jiordamo -=(+)=-


By megstogo (me with a Kiwi Head and a Kiwi Dog)


By megstogo


By xCroissant


By Itz_Dangergirl


By Inhf (This is a drawing for my and Meg's birthday)


By Castby (I'm the right person, the left person is Inhf)


-=(+)=- By Mayoko -=(+)=-


By Jeessica


By The_Potato (The full staff team on May 18th 2020)


By chqrri

Jul 31, 2001 (Age: 19)
the Milky Way
University Student majoring in Astronomy, Minecraft Builder & Admin




Liam || 19 || He/them || Admin || Dutch || Studying Astronomy at Uni


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