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  • oh nos im late but happy birthday
    Late but happy birthday :)
    Happy birthday Noah. Miss you.
    Happy birthday pErRy ThE pLaTyPuS :)
    happy birthday, your birthday is exactly 1 month since i resigned
    happy bday rando with bad jokes but you gave me nitro so ig i have to be nice to you
    Happy Birthday Noah, hope you've had a nice day! :D

    Sorry if I'm late, the website wouldn't be back up for me after tonight's downtime until now ):
    Happy Birthday Noah! Have a great day. Platypus :)
    Aye happy bday Noah :D! Hope you've had a great day!
    Happy birthday! :)
    Happy birthday
    Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with smiles, laughter, and way too much cake.

    Hard to imagine you not being a part of the team--there will be a hole left in your place, but we all can't stay forever. You left your mark for sure, or at least on me when I joined the staff team once again. I hope you have a wonderful 2019, Noah.
    Damn it pappy im so close of hitting my end goal and [redacted (cause i dont want ppl to find out what it is atm)], u were one of the most lovely cmod/mod, hope u have a happy new year aswell
    lovable not lovely
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