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  • mia come back girly
    bro you got demoted? the best staff and person around here anymore rip mia. I will inform the brethren
    im sorry about you're demotion mia, i hope you can still stay strong! you csn dm me whenever.
    omg what why how when what who what
    you were an amazing chatmod, mia! sorry to hear about your demoted :(
    Ik ik I'm late (I was in Belgium ok it isn't my fault xD) but uhm... Happy birthday granny! Hope u had a great day and welcome to the 15 y/o squad :D
    Happy Birthday, Mia!!! :D
    HaPPY birthday
    Oh, Ms. Believer, my pretty sleeper
    Your twisted mind is like snow on the road
    Your shaking shoulders prove that it's colder
    Inside your head than the winter of dead

    I will tell you I love you
    But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears
    My nose and feet are running as we start
    To travel through snow
    Together we go
    Together we go

    We get colder
    As we grow older
    We will walk
    So much slower

    is it ok that i love you? uwu <3
    Do you believe in Microsoft, grandma? I'm very confused
    oOf should've change your name to __Mia
    Reactions: Floriddaa
    That would be nice, but by then, Kas would have pry changed his user to something different.
    What? I’m your mum— did you... forget me? ;( (being serious not joking)
    No bae I just call her mum bc I'
    Can't think of anything else
    I believe that this is my first message on your profile
    If not then correct me
    But hello and goodbye
    dang mia you went from like gone to chatmod
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