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  • my requst is if seen someone named sparkle warrior are rainbowzozo are hp_8 are rainmaker tell them i got banned i think abou them alot
    im just mad and depressed and i have over 1000 stuffet animles i even talk to them and pretend there real cuase im so lonely ;0_0;
    the server i have been playing on rages me and i rather be depressed im getting evil thoughts i have no happyness anymore no fear D;
    i dont remamber there full users i just know there bigging user name skye and toxic thats all i remamber of it
    i was not warned and the person who may of reported me may of been one of the jerks swearing at me
    so i say if you got this far thank you for reading having money problems and stuff at home mc is the only game i have
    i dont like to swear i swear when i need to so i sweard for shelf defense
    my brother just got ou of jail my mom had 2 cancers and i play on cf to try to cheer up
    so if one of you chould plss unban me that whould be great im having troubles at home
    It is only a tempban. Please wait it out.
    i try to vote and support the server as much as i can cuse i love to rp and buld
    i was banned for a week via mail swearing i did no swear in mail ill amit i did spam and 2 players where swearing at me
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