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  • hey!
    sorry to bother, but I just want to know if I could get my report ratio back to the way it was before the data loss,
    I have screenshots before the corruption
    dm me on discord when you can
    hey so I'm having some troubles with my discord, I was in this server but I think I left, but when I try to rejoin it says that I already have an account registered and I can't join. Can I please have some help<3
    also, can you update my name to keeeliana on here:)
    Hello Master SuperMonis, I've run into a bug to report
    The Conversations Page's "Invite" button has vanished, and I can't invite others to the group.
    Either it's a glitch, or I'm missing it somewhere
    I invited people, and now it's gone.
    Hi there! I've been flagged as a VPN/Proxy again when I have neither, thanks!
    Sorry to be a bother, but could my forum name please bc changed to hcppincss?
    Tysm! Also, how's your day?:D
    Hey so I just returned and changed my MC username, could I get it changed? New username is BigEPlays
    Hey, if you wouldn't mind changing my username to my current MC username, that would be greatly appreciated :) (onehungryeli)
    heyo ! I recently got back into my old forums account. aaafter I created a new one, with my user. do you mind deleting my new one and changing my name on this one? my new one has my old user unempathy on it. and then on this one could you change it to daddybethi ? thank you so much, much appreciated.
    Hey there! My current username in game is daddyvsco, was wondering if you could change it to that on forums too! Thanks :)
    Hey there, do you think you could unlink my minecraft account (vintagedaisies) from any discord account on the discord server, my minecraft account is currently linked to an old discord in which I don't know the password of so I can't get on the discord.
    hi! my current username is sanqwoo, I have recently changed it. could you change my profile user to my current ign?
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