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    Help please I have been banned and it's not fair

    yea this guy should get an answer and for some reason he's not
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    New HS rp!

    anytown USA
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    Server Progress - 08/03/2021

    damn these new dlcs are cool
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    Vote CFPD For President.

    jesus christ chill with the election stuff, i've been watching it from London nonstop
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    RGB Hex Colors

    this is what i call a POGGERS MOMENT
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    BRHigh is getting big and now i sus another elysuim scandal

    good luck my bro in all seriousness, you should prep for the worst. I will write that review.
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    BRHigh is getting big and now i sus another elysuim scandal

    Okay, so BRHigh. That HS rp that came out of nowhere and is now making /a pretty bad during GMT evenings. So that's pog. With them coming out of the blue, and basically being in /a nonstop, i know there gonna be some drama and stuff, like how everybody hated on Elysium for being in /a nonstop...
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    This is hella pog
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    What are the worst roleplays on CF?

    ah, a controverisal thread. this is gonna be good.
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    1.16.3 Update

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    Anti-American Flags

    not my problem lol
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    Favorite restaurants?

    There's this chippy up the road that does amazing chips and amazing fish. 2 bits of cod and chips for just £5.99.
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    How to easily become the most overpowered character in Danganronpa.

    easy. don't play at all. can't die if you don't play.