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    Countdown until CF4 releases

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    Showcase Creative Fun Elections!

    what is the point in this
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    Server Progress - 01/03/2020

    Happy to hear we're getting closer B) good work!
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    Any Ideas how to expand my European City rp

    Cool! I'm also doing a European city rp, the one that got second place in the build comp.
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    Closed Build Contest Winners - January 2020

    O: I'm so shook! Everyone this round did amazing, like seriously- I didn't think I'd make any place because of how good everyone was, haha. Thanks to the judges for going through many builds, and good job to everyone who made a placew
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    Roleplay Idea - Looking for help!

    I've done something like this before, it works- but everyone wants to be a high school student, so you gotta put limits on how many students there are.
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    Good Fortune

    Live for yourself, don't always try and conform to what other people expect/want you to be.
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    Data Loss

    It could be because once you're inactive for a while, your plots get deleted. However, if it was because of the data loss, your cf3 plot should be fine. Sorry for your build losses :( it sucks, I know- but it gives you the opportunity to make something even better~
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    I hope it's not a decade old

    I hope it's not a decade old
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    My rp, /home Autumn is now a year old~!

    My rp, /home Autumn is now a year old~!
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    Just voicing my opinion.

    I kind of find Elysium really boring tbh, when an rp is constantly 'autostart' you find it hard to meet new people, as everyone is already in their own groups and storyline. The rp's size certainly doesn't help.
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    Closed Build Contest - Deadline January 17th

    Username: Yekaterinburg Server: Creative3 Plot id: -6;44 My build is Paris themed. I had some help with furniture by Retortive and LongnameLongname and Sunflcra, however, most of the build was made by me.
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    Change 1 letter every time