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  1. tcrnado

    Website Moderator Tagging

    Voting yes I don't see anything bad with this so
  2. tcrnado

    Spell "Mouse" or "Mousie" until Staff stop you

    S top that
  3. tcrnado

    What is a "Minimod"?

    accidentall post
  4. tcrnado

    Welcome to the forums !

    Welcome to the forums !
  5. tcrnado

    When staff are bored

  6. tcrnado

    Suggestion Holograms!

    This plugin is already installed, like @Mikcey said, in the hub for example.
  7. tcrnado

    Worst CF experience?

    Once (around like a year ago), two of my friends and I decided to open one of their rp's. I would like to mention that the people roleplaying there had to make their own rooms. So, my friend that was hosting had to add everyone. she decided to try out /p add * (huge mistake btw) and the rp was...
  8. tcrnado

    Counting up plus a counting boost from staff

    no more boost 155
  9. tcrnado

    Spell "Mouse" or "Mousie" until Staff stop you

  10. tcrnado

    Tentative suggestions form

    i'm going to call it now. someone will put: "can cf remove the posting time limit?"
  11. tcrnado

    Timing out???

    It happens with me, but it's my wifi. my computer disconnects from the wifi at random. But maybe it's just the server
  12. tcrnado

    Suggestion Adding fun commands everyone can use

    A few years back, I played this one server (not naming names). I am pretty sure they tried this, but it was server-wide. I will hold my vote, leaning towards a no, UNLESS they find a way to keep it it /local.
  13. tcrnado

    Cortana Says the Most Messages list

    it said cornado ): made the t silent
  14. tcrnado

    Suggestion Official creative fun texture pack

    I will hold my vote. although it is a great idea, I would say yes but, There would need to be a lot of work put into it. Even with the new textures. there is a lot of textures in mc to replace
  15. tcrnado


    before I became cmod I was wk member You are tired.
  16. tcrnado

    Spell "Mouse" or "Mousie" until Staff stop you

    O h no
  17. tcrnado

    Cortana Says the Most Messages list

    Suggested by @Dekeiido ill-ee-ee-nicki
  18. tcrnado

    Spell "Mouse" or "Mousie" until Staff stop you

    U... need to stop
  19. tcrnado

    Suggestion Prefix for plot staff

    Voting Yes. Although roleplayer's could just do /plot staff, this would be useful in many ways, in my opinion. Changing my vote to a No., for reasons belwo Good luck with your suggestion !
  20. tcrnado

    Siri tries to read the Staff list