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  1. BasicallyImGay

    The unofficial club of cf

    /home barbie is a place to go with themes for all occasions (can be rented out for free because that makes sense)
  2. BasicallyImGay

    Build Help Needed Carltonville!

    Yesterday (September 16th 2018) I started a project called "Carltonville", Carltonville is a small town that's not on the highest ends, I even made the "people" of Carltonville a small story; So basically Carltonville is a place where everyone gets along, there's never anger and everyone knows...
  3. BasicallyImGay

    My opinion.

    I've noticed that most people tend to suck up to donars and mods, which makes me angry. I've been a donar for a few years now, and I've noticed that if I give help, and a non-donar gives help. I'm the one that gets thanked, unless a mod said something. I've also noticed people thinking that they...
  4. BasicallyImGay

    Lets do this off the top of my head.

    Blue jeans, red shirt, green flannel. No, Black flannel. That's better. I walked downstairs, Why the hell is this on the floor? I picked up one of my sisters socks. "Kara, pick up your damn socks!" I tossed it into the hamper and grabbed a box of cereal. Corn charms? The only thing we have is...
  5. BasicallyImGay

    Anyone need help?

    I love building rps, but I don't like rping. So, if anyone is up to have a builder, I'm here! (I like landscaping)
  6. BasicallyImGay

    I need a friend.

    Soooo. I need a friend. I don't care about gender. I just need a friend.
  7. BasicallyImGay

    Who the heck am I?

    Hi! I'm ehbae, call me Nic, even though my friends call me Zai. My first username was Nicmic_05. I've had multiple usernames and I change it whenever I get the chance. I love cf, I love building, and interacting. I've noticed that if I'm upset and I say so, atleast three people will say "What's...
  8. BasicallyImGay

    For Monis

    Hello readers, this is a note to Monis! Hi Monis, if you are reading this of course... I think that this server is absolutely perfect for everything creative related. Hence the name, this server is creative and fun. I've got my friends to play, they liked it (obviously) and i just wanted to say...