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  1. soyeoniie

    Emoji Off

    Hello! Welcome to my new game, Emoji off! :D HOW TO PLAY Someone will post an emoji. Eg) ^-^ or >//<. Then, the next person will reply saying if they have felt like that Emoji today or this week. If they haven't then, they will respond by saying 'Nomoji', which means they lose a life. Once a...
  2. soyeoniie

    I found...this ?

    @Insilia showed me this in hub and I instantly became curious about it. Was this intentional or not? Should @Rxbel make a theory about it? Comment down below :P
  3. soyeoniie

    (UN)Useful Life Hacks - Part Two

    Hey Stanners, It's me. Your moral support, Your only means of survival. And I'm going to be a pest by putting a line through every letter I've said so far. <3 (And numbers, and symbols...) I can't be bothered to add punctuation into the parenthesis. Don't at me. Cough I totally didn't promise...
  4. soyeoniie

    People Who Got CALLED OUT For Lying

    Hello friends. It’s me :hair_flip: Your favourite french fry. Anyway, here we got some people who somehow got EXPOSED for lying. Yikes. Make sure to NOT do this ever in your life and you'll be gucci! ^_^ Honestly though, don't EVER lie on the internet, it will come back to haunt you eventually...
  5. soyeoniie

    The Most Funniest Things Ever On Social Media

    Hello friends. It's me. Your moral support consultant. Jkjk, It's ya girl Lori back at it again with the most funniest fails ever on social media. Brace yourselves, You are about to be mind blown. Also, I hope you all have a fantastic week this week, <3 ...This. Is. So. Stupid. :eyes: So we...
  6. soyeoniie

    Top Five Most Popular Roleplays

    #1 Lab Roleplays These roleplays are in-fact the most frequently advertised roleplays on CF and are the most commonly found roleplays on the server. They typically consist of mutants being taken from their native environment due to them possessing extraordinary powers, which are then isolated...
  7. soyeoniie


    Ya yeet, hello friends. Been a while, not gonna lie. Anyway, I'm back with more people who just can't understand the ways of life. E n j o y Ever been to maths class? Probably not considering the level of low intellect. * breathes heavily* Well...there's this thing called a brain. It works if...
  8. soyeoniie


    This little ball inside me Which consumes all my confidence Is making me feel butterflies Butterflies which will just not go away. Whenever I talk to someone This little ball inside me makes me cry and hide somewhere When I feel able to come out This little ball inside me starts producing more...
  9. soyeoniie

    What Danganronpa Game Is Your Favourite?

    Hey gurlies, Today's question of the day is: What Danganronpa game is your favourite? Make sure to vote in the poll! My personal favourite game was the second game, however, I'd love to see what games were your favourites.
  10. soyeoniie

    Greatest Comebacks of ALL Time

    Hello Friends, It's ya girl Lori here back at it again with another forum post! ;) Do you ever feel in need of a good comeback to satisfy your braindead needs whenever you are verbally attacked by someone? Well wait no more, Here we gonna have some smart comebacks which the most savage people...
  11. soyeoniie

    Which Danganronpa Character Is Your Favourite?

    Congratulations if you know what danganronpa is! And if you don't...tough luck. Comment down below what your favourite danganronpa characters are: - Trigger Happy Havoc = Celestia Ludenberg - Goodbye Despair = Sonia Nevermind - V3 = Tenko Chabashira p.s : Danganronpa Roleplays need more...
  12. soyeoniie


    Hey y'all, It's Lori here and today we are going to be reacting to people who got EXPOSED for lying on the internet. Enjoy ! Okay so Britney over here claims that she went vegan...She's so PROUD of going vegan and even says she is so PROUD of her choices. *cough* Then two minutes later Billy...
  13. soyeoniie


    Hey y’all, Lori here with a new thing which I’m going to be doing which is giving y’all life hacks every monday! This is so much more wholesome than reddit’s life hacks y’all! (Definitely not lying) So yeah, enjoy and make sure to NOT try these at home :) AirPods | Bootleg Version The equipment...
  14. soyeoniie


    Hey people of the internet, It’s Lori back reacting to this spoiled kid who thinks he owns everything. Leave a like if you find this entertaining! Disclaimer: This is not meant to offend anyone. Enjoy ! “Was at the Ford dealership getting my oil changed and killing time by walking through the...
  15. soyeoniie


    Hello people of the internet, It’s your girl Lori back at it again with the daily forum posts...:Breathing Intensifies: Here we going to be reacting the the many who did wrong and got what they deserved. "I was around 8 years old and playing in a jumping castle and this random kid bounces over...
  16. soyeoniie

    Hello !

    Okay, so, I have done this before but I figured with all my name changes, I will just start fresh. I’m Loredana, But people call me Lori (ihylori) Nice to meet you all! Feel free to ask questions and yeah...I will see you around on the forums and the server - Lori Out
  17. soyeoniie


    Hey peoples of the internet, I’m going to be more active on the forums because I need more Cf Anyway... Here are some logical usernames which make sense. Daisy_Merolin This username is just 10/10. I mean... It’s a win/win, You could be called Daisy and could want me rolling around!... :Eyes...
  18. soyeoniie

    Global Inc | The Lanova Region Project | Recruiting |

    Welcome to the official 'Lanova Region' forum thread. In this thread, I will cover the features, assets, artwork and lore which is required to run a successful Pokemon Inspired Region. At the end of this thread, there will be an application section where you can see the details and apply...
  19. soyeoniie

    Types Of Lab Roleplayers

    Hey people, (Again). I decided to do a surprise 'Types of Roleplayers' because it was requested multiple times by very nice people. (You know who you are ;)) This time, we will be looking at one of the most overused roleplays on CF. Yes ladies and gents and insects and (Anything which is alive)...
  20. soyeoniie

    Types of High School Roleplayers

    Hello Friends, Looooonar here with your weekly dose of 'Types of Roleplayers'. This week, we will be looking at the notorious High School Roleplayers. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for this very bumpy ride. (I assure you, It's not as scary as it looks). #1 The Self Centred Types These...