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  1. brighhton

    no but you can get a dark mode chrome extension

    no but you can get a dark mode chrome extension
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    your pfp is so cute

    your pfp is so cute
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    About Elysium...

    Please refrain from double posting, you can include more than one quote in a post. Please be respectful. It’s okay to have your criticisms but remember to say it in a tactful manner.
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    yes ofc

    yes ofc
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    Powerpoint Art - Water Lilies

    so good!
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    ✰ My aesthetic desktop ✰

    Mine is way too practical.
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    check in

    Moved to general discussion.
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    Build Contest - Deadline July 11th

    Builds are usually judged in whatever texture pack the judge is using at the time. Though don’t worry about being marked down because of weird textures, as they would be aware of how some blocks may look out of place when they shouldn’t.
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    it's good to be alive :thumbsup:

    it's good to be alive :thumbsup:
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    Your thoughts on 8d-1000d music?

    i think a lot of it sound bad as it just sounds like the concentration of sound is going back and forth from left and right? super uncomfortable, usually if i want a concert vibe i just listen to an actual concert recording.
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    When Staff are Bored III

    Peer pressure at its finest.
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    Closed Build Contest Winners - June 2020

    Congrats! Everybody’s builds were very impressive.
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    yesss <3

    yesss <3
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    You can apply when you meet all the requirements:

    You can apply when you meet all the requirements:
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    no i definitely think that’s you

    no i definitely think that’s you
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    good thanks wbu

    good thanks wbu
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    Flick from Animal Crossing~

    Hi. Please remember to only use fonts and colours in moderation. Thanks.
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    The Chat Filter Problem.

    This would be counterproductive as the purpose of the reporting system is so rule breakers can’t get away without consequences when they think no staff are watching. Additionally, we use report ratios as an important factor in considering an applicant for ChatMod. It would be a shame to restrict...
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    I know you are using an example but mentioning server names is not acceptable in any context. Please do not break the rules again. To do with the chat filter, apologies for the difficulties. The chat filter is a continuous work in progress and unfortunately innocent words can be censored in...