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  1. Yekaterinburg

    CF Aliens

  2. Yekaterinburg

    Hello Kitty

    **had to delete this build ripp**
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    Spongebob and Patrick

    **Had to delete the build oof**
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    Creative Writing Draft

    Pellets of destruction fell from the charcoal sky, a city was in flames. Some of the walls were crisp and bruised, while others were in mangle packs of rubble. Zofia heard her city, Warsaw, get kicked and strung about from the sky. She was lucky to have a secure shelter in her house, as her...
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    Advanced, Realistic City/Nation rp!

    Keifergrad, 2019. Owned by me, my user is: Yekaterinburg The clean, pristine and empty streets stretched like tree roots, and the footpaths were being cramped with bustling workers. Old buildings marked the roads, with storefronts carved into the ground floors. Luxurious cars drove up the...
  6. Yekaterinburg

    Friend perm-banned for arguing?

    My friend got perm banned for arguing about the filter, apparently it's server toxicity. I don't think this is fair? I mean, there is far worse things which you can get banned for, eg. griefing. A temp-ban at most would be more fair.
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    Bad Mute (lol)

    Okay, so I'm not wanting to appeal or anything but I think I should share this, I got muted for 10 minutes for saying, 'I don't think anyone has time for liberals' and apparently this was bullying, just an opinion! xD
  8. Yekaterinburg

    False Mute

    I just got muted for an hour for saying penicillin.. what's wrong with that? LOL
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    The MCN is a roleplay me and a few friends have created at the start of 2017. It’s based on the thought of Earth, a globe full of countries which have wars, meetings and roleplays. The community, map and ideas have changed through out the months. Players have shown their love for politics in...