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  1. MULTIplayerRK

    Patently Smart(?)

    Welcome to this Forum Game! This game is inspired by another game known as “Patently Stupid.” Here’s a quick explanation of how this game works! A problem will be listed by a previous player, and the next player must create a solution for said solution. After they offer their solution, then...
  2. MULTIplayerRK

    Minecraft But Only 3 Blocks

    If you were to spend the rest of your Minecraft life building with only three different blocks, which would it be? Me personally, I’d stick with polished andesite, dark oak planks, and spruce wood as I like the dark contrasts. What about you guys?
  3. MULTIplayerRK

    Hey, Big, Creative World.

    I’m MULTIplayer- RK Hopping through games like an Arcade You can visit my plot on CreativeFun And I’ve got parkour, it’s called BearRun I’ve helped with Maze Runners, Dangans, and my Grass RP You check home grasslife, the price is free But that’s about me, I’m Mr Multi, And so I hope we’ll be...
  4. MULTIplayerRK

    Parkour Physics

    How does making a post work...oh did I open one up? Is it working? Ah, well then. Hello, owner of parkour map /home bearrun . I figured my first post should be about welcoming people new to more complex parkour. Now [I’m hoping] we all understand the good ol’ 4 block jump is possible, but some...