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  1. AcceptableReeses

    Do not go to Costco during a zombie outbreak

    Everybody has the same idea that if the dead rose, they would all huddle together in a Costco and be nice and safe. Sure, the place is giant, but can it fit an entire city of SHEEP and supply them with food long enough? And who knows how long it would be before they turn against each other and...
  2. AcceptableReeses

    Opinions: Top 3 CreativeFun Rps of all time

    Simple enough. Reply with your top 3 rps. That's it. I hope to see a wide range of Rps, and not just one particular Rp or genre. But hey, it's your opinions.
  3. AcceptableReeses

    I got muted for day for saying something I've said many times before that didn't get me muted before

    As the title says, I got muted for a day because I said the word "whiskey'. the problem is, I've said whiskey many times before on the server without facing any precautions. Now, maybe it was because it was the first thing I said after coming off of a one-hour mute, but I just find this weird...
  4. AcceptableReeses

    Good day to you all!

    Hello!!! I am Reeses, as I go by that name online DESPITE THE FACT that i hate anything that has to do with putting peanutbutter and chocolate together. So, uh, I came to this server mostly cause I was deprived of any online interaction since February and I needed to get my creative juices up...
  5. AcceptableReeses

    My frustrations with Character weaknesses and Calling OP- a thread

    Hey there, it's Reeses. Not many of you may know me, since I've only been on this server for a month. I'd like to highlight something that I've noticed in many of the roleplays on this server, and it's something that really bugs me. I've noticed there's this invisible line between what a...