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    ♥ This or That ♥

    Text 100% Working alone or In a team?
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    PirateCove - An Update.

    Hi! It's been a while since PirateCove has hosted. Long story short: I'm working on revamping the town as well as other parts of the plot, and overall updating the plot with all the 1.14 - 1.17 blocks. That's why it hasn't hosted for quite some time! The city walls and houses have been...
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    Eep! I love this feature so much- Now I don't have to deal with people screaming at me asking where specific locations are in roleplays ;0;
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    last post wins

    I ate pizza for dinner earlier, I'd be heartbroken if It was banished out of existence.
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    I bet the person below me . . .

    Iv'e actually never had Almond Joy before! I'd probably dislike it since it has almonds in it though, yeah. Correct. I bet the person below me has never played Hollow Knight (Would highly recommend the game to anyone into platformers, lore, and of course bugs)
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    I'm so excited to use this feature over the weekend!
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    words based on the previous message

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    Closed Build Contest Winners - October 2020

    AaaAAA We did it Hxppy! :O
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    Server Progress - 21/08/2020

    I also think the server should be updated to 1.16 at this current state! I have been mainly excited to use all of the new blocks (Other players and friends that I know have also mentioned this) Thank you for posting an update about this and progress updates on the discord server!
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    States vs Everywhere Else ☆

    N o ~Sending more cookies from Spain
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    States vs Everywhere Else ☆

    Stop :) ~Sending cookies from Spain
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    Closed Build Contest Winners - June 2020

    Congratulations! Everyone's builds were so good! This was fun to participate in and really made me go out of my building comfort zone.
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    If you had to be any kind of plant, what would you be?

    I'd probably be a Yew/English yew/European Yew/Tree of Death (They have a lot of nicknames..) They can live up to around 400-900 years, and the Yew's entire tree is poisonous. Including the berry seeds. These trees have the longest lifespan of any tree in Europe, and one of the longest in the...
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    List of good roleplays thread.

    Oh wow I didn't expect PirateCove to be on someone's top roleplay list! :eek: I appreciate it! And I'm glad you both enjoy it
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    Closed Build Contest - Deadline May 30th

    Username: PaleGhosts Server: Creative1 Plot ID: 47;29 Build: I'm not sure how to insert my screenshots from my computer on here... You can visit my entry by going to /Home LakeOfWonders
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    Can't log into creative Fun! ): The VPN Proxy error still shows up for me. HELP Please!

    Can't log into creative Fun! ): The VPN Proxy error still shows up for me. HELP Please!