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  1. teasipping_bill

    BRHigh is getting big and now i sus another elysuim scandal

    Okay, so BRHigh. That HS rp that came out of nowhere and is now making /a pretty bad during GMT evenings. So that's pog. With them coming out of the blue, and basically being in /a nonstop, i know there gonna be some drama and stuff, like how everybody hated on Elysium for being in /a nonstop...
  2. teasipping_bill

    PSA: Lets stop making "fix chat filter" or "change the rules" threads.

    Ok, I got a quick PSA. Lets stop making "fix chat filter" or "change the rules" threads. Why? It's beacuse no matter how much support a thread can get, or how many likes it will obtain, CF's CHAT FILTER/MODERATION WILL NOT BE FIXED. I said in an earlier post that CF Moderation will get...
  3. teasipping_bill

    Roleplayer Stereotypes - Lab Roleplays (Part 2)

    You guys seemed to like the 1st one, so here's part 2! Still lacking the section about velcro. Okay, here we go. The OP Owner These guys, I guarantee you, will not be fun to RP with, yes, they will be integral to the plot of the RP, and yes, if your a scientist, prepare to just die. These...
  4. teasipping_bill

    Roleplayer Stereotypes - General Stereotypes (Part 1)

    DISCLAIMER: I don't mean to offend, insult, or post this as a harassment to any group of people at all. Anyways, this is gonna be a series of threads i'll be posting on the forums. Part 1 will just cover the general stereotypes, then i'll go into stereotypes for each popular RP category. Here...
  5. teasipping_bill

    Staff - Player Debate - It's taking place in half an hour.

    The debate is taking place in around 30 minutes. Head to /home CFHoCMember, read the regulations, then take your seats. Players should sit to the right of the speaker's chair, staff to the left. Clock's ticking! If you want VIP seats, come aswell.
  6. teasipping_bill

    House of Commons - CF Edition

    Me, @xAlyxsRqses and @minibuildersux wanted a place to host that staff-player debate, and what place better to do it then one of the most famous rooms in british history! Come down to /home CFHoCMember and /home CFHoCSpec to check this out! The Spec spawn is the spectators gallery, the member...
  7. teasipping_bill


    Staff - Player Debate Welcome! This is an event to try and constructively debate with staff on issues like the rules, moderation choices, etc. This time this debate will take place is to be confirmed. Players/staff wanting to participate or get VIP seats should let me know below - we will...
  8. teasipping_bill

    Staff - Player debate

    I want to host some sort of organised debate between the CF Staff and the Playerbase. It would sort of mirror a House of Commons debate. The debate would be chaired by me. (pretty much like john bercow. Only problem i see is that the CF staff wouldnt be bossed around by someone independent.)...
  9. teasipping_bill

    i just remembered i had an vvh on my cf1 plot

    i could use some feedback, i want to host it at some point but eh KNOWN ISSUES -terrain just feels... eh -only 1 tree style -manor may be too small /home falklandsmanor thanks
  10. teasipping_bill

    any word on upgrading the server to 1.14?

    i'd like to know.
  11. teasipping_bill

    meet the smartest person on cf

    Please excuse the bad scribbling out 9000iq
  12. teasipping_bill

    How do you get colored roles?

    Well that's what im gonna be answering today (Disclaimer: This feature is for Donators only. You can use this feature with a $10+ donor rank) Getting it on signs Type THIS onto a sign. (Note: You can change color and format as you wish) It will appear like this. Now, requesting that role will...
  13. teasipping_bill

    idk what to title this *RANT WARNING*

    You ever get that feeling that you know your winning but then everything goes wrong and comes crashing down? Yea. That happened to me. Im sorry if this thread sounds like im having a moan, im tired and salty and i need to get it off my chest Here's the tale of an owner, his game and how i got...
  14. teasipping_bill

    i figured i should do this

    Hi, im bill (thats not my real name but ok) Here's some facts about me -Im not actually bill wurtz, sorry folks. -I live in north london -i LOVE history. Like, it's so interesting. (Not anything before 1700 though thats boring) -I absolutely suck at drawing, yet i do it anyways! -I happen to...
  15. teasipping_bill

    here's an idea to think about

    Okay so rvr's aren't interesting, and are historically irrelevant so why dont we fix that? Idea: Lets make a RvR set in the 1700's, set in an authentic area and such For instance, take a twist on the colonial struggles of the United States Or maybe the Latin Wars of Independence or maybe...
  16. teasipping_bill

    major leak from monis here

  17. teasipping_bill

    Getting denied for criticizing rp's

    I'm bill, a staunch critic of lab role-plays. I'm very nit-picky about things in lab rp's. I join lab rp's with a critique in mind. But the sad thing is, MOST (%99.9) lab rp owners will deny you for being critical of their work. The problem is, i WANT them to improve, and are pushing for that to...
  18. teasipping_bill

    so monis came to my plot

    alright so >make that guide >monis reads it >monis comes to my plot >has this idea about these keycard/coded doors >also pastes that truck with the new update on it >epic
  19. teasipping_bill

    Bill's Guide to making, running and advertising a good role-play

    Okay so, im bill. I own /home battenlabs (TAKE A LOOK) I'm gonna be showing you MY WAY of building, running and advertising role-plays I'm open to debates in the comments, lets keep it to a well thought out discussion please. PART 1: Building STEP 1: Knowing what you're gonna build This should...