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  1. Jeessica

    OFFICIAL VoxelSniper Guide

    CreativeFun VoxelSniper Guide What is VoxelSniper? VoxelSniper is the premier long range map editing tool for Minecraft. This plugin allows you to edit any block that you can see using an arrow (for replacing) and a gunpowder (for adding). Read through this guide and see if you can pick up...
  2. Jeessica

    OFFICIAL WorldEdit Guide

    CreativeFun Official WorldEdit Guide | Region Selection Your region selection is the area between your first and second positions, specifically the area you will be editing. It isn't necessary to set positions for every command, the command will state whether or not you need one on this...
  3. Jeessica

    The Shopping Game

    The Shopping Game I have no idea how well this is going to go down, but let's see. Welcome to the Shopping Game! Give this thread a like if you like it ;) How to play: At the bottom of this thread, I have said something like: "I'm going to the shops, and I will buy ___", but the blank is...
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    Hi there, I need you to vote on my next username so I can get rid of this one asap :) Use the poll above EDIT: Me and my girly have made a deal read below
  5. Jeessica

    Contest Rank Giveaway | September 2018

    Rank Giveaway I thought I would do a rank giveaway, just because I have a small amount of money that I don't have anything I plan to spend it on. This is only happening in September, and to enter please follow the instructions below: Instructions: You must fill out the template in the replies...
  6. Jeessica

    How to improve your report ratio

    Tips and tricks on improving your report ratio As you can tell by the thread title, this guide will give you some tips and tricks on boosting up your report ratio! If you want to know how to report players in-game, then click here. Tips: | Going to roleplays It's a good idea to go to some...
  7. Jeessica


    Welcome to my game :p This is similar to, but you do it with drinks instead. You say how you feel about the drink above you, and then name a drink below so the next person can play! Example: Person 1: Water? Person 2: No Orange juice? Person 3...
  8. Jeessica

    Showcase Build Battle

    Updated Thread: 3/08/2018 I'm updating this thread to how the current /home BuildBattle works and the new features I have added to it. Here is a general overview of the place: Updates: - I've changed the team colours from Terracotta to Concrete blocks, just to make it a bit more brighter and...
  9. Jeessica

    Minecraft Personal Skins

    I am not continuing this.
  10. Jeessica

    Showcase Oasis Mall

    Hello, there! I've come here to show you my WIP mall build. I got inspiration because I went on a huge shopping spree the other day. Feel free to visit it, as progress will be made through out time, and here is a sneak peak update: Since it is called Oasis, I've decided to go with a tropical...
  11. Jeessica

    Staff Rank Permissions and Players

    Rank Permissions In green are the permissions of each rank in game In blue are the discord permissions In orange are the permissions for the website In purple are the names of people who have got this rank This is only staff ranks as donator rank permissions are listed when purchasing them...
  12. Jeessica

    Aquatica Applications

    Aquatica Business Company Company shut down. Requesting thread lock @Ecoya @LetMeBeBrave @nikkiisaussie
  13. Jeessica

    Monthly Rank Giveaways

    Monthly Rank Giveaways So, I had this idea about having these Monthly Rank Giveaways. It is fairly straight forward, but this is how it will work: On the first of every month, I will pick a winner who will receive a $10 rank, or the next rank up (If they're already donator). Ofcourse, I won't...
  14. Jeessica


    Hello! I thought I would come a long here to say a hello and obviously, make an introduction thread for me to introduce myself to you! My name is Jessica, mainly known as Jess. I am 14 years of age. Interests: - My favorite animals are both, Dogs and Dolphins. - My favorite dog breed is a Pug...
  15. Jeessica

    Building Help Coming Back??

    Morning, Evening, Afternoon, Howdy! So, back in the day build helps use to be a massive thing going around and there was this whole IJC build help, and more that we following their footsteps. I had this idea where I made a build help and actually bought one back for players to express their...
  16. Jeessica

    Building Help

    [requesting thread deleted]
  17. Jeessica

    [!] Squiigs World : Applications

    Hello! As many users know, I have been working on a project named Squiigs World. It is still project in beta, although, I have finally had the chance to open up applications. I would just like to point out that this is inspired by a place named Lala Land, and would like to give full credit to...
  18. Jeessica

    Hello | Squiigs.

    Hello everybody! My username is Squiigs, the same as my forum username. A lot of people usually call me by Jess, or Jessica, as that is what I prefer to be called. My username, Squiigs, actually has a historical and family related meaning to it. It is something my mum, her mum, my mums, mum...
  19. Jeessica

    Pandora Building Community | OFFICIALLY OPEN!

    Pandora Building Community Welcome to Pandora Building Community thread! You may already know that PBC serves building help, and gives players the chance to fill in an application form to take up a role of a staff member with in the community. For players to apply there will need to be a...
  20. Jeessica

    Pandora Building Community [PBC]

    Pandora Building Community This thread has been created for various reasons. One of them is so the members of CF are actually able to keep up to date with Pandora Building Community' s content. We will be updating this thread anytime there is a change in HQ, a change in some sort of system, a...