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    Accountability and Transparency on Content Moderation

    The player had to be perm banned because it's the only way to punish inappropriate usernames, if they were not perm banned their name will be seen on the player list. And in truth, it's not really a "permanent" ban, it's more like an indefinite ban, meaning the player will stay banned until...
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    Another CF discussion

    I feel that it's a bit too soon to react so strongly until we see how this rule is really enforced on the server. However, I share the same concern about the rule in the sense that it feels a bit too vague. The phrase "ruins the server experience" is not something I want to see in an official...
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    Lighting Updates

    Does the radius refer to blocks or chunks?
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    Change 1 letter every time

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    Contest enCFrypted -- Winner, Solution Video

    The contest has reached its conclusion after 50 days of release of the first clue! Lots of great contestants entered the contest, but only one can win. Congratulations, Glyphynx, for winning enCFrypted! They have decided to give the prize to themselves. (But I've been having some trouble with...
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    Contest enCFrypted -- Third weekly clue, Poll for next week

    Additional announcement! Forgot to add this initially because I was rushing the hint post since I was late- An amendment to the "5 attempts maximum" rule: On your 6th attempt onward, your answer must be accompanied with an explanation as to how you reached your answer. (yes im your math teacher...
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    Contest enCFrypted -- Third weekly clue, Poll for next week

    So by a unanimous vote (10 votes), Part 5 has won! Though this hint won't be as obviously helpful, since this is the last part of the contest. Hint: S stands for "start". As for how to proceed from there, you have to find that out on your own :D, or I'll reveal it in next week's hint if it wins.
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    Contest enCFrypted -- Second weekly clue, Poll for next week

    Posting this a few minutes early bc I have some stuff to do, contact me on discord for any urgent questions. The winner of the second poll is... Part four! (website image) The poll hasn't closed yet but it's a clear win anyway! :D So to solve this part, download the image from the website. You...
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    I know, the last part was mostly me trying to convince him otherwise. I am a Christian on paper (born into a Catholic family in a mostly Catholic country), so I didn't mean to discriminate, considering that I know lots of Christians who are LGBT allies. My point was mostly that majority of...
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    As an atheist, I personally think religion is more often harmful to society than helpful, but I agree that what you said shouldn't have been mutable. It wasn't anything hateful, simply expressing your religious beliefs. Although, if I remember correctly, I once went to one of your plots...
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    Contest enCFrypted -- Deadline, Weekly Hints? [POLL]

    That's already posted on the 1st weekly hint post :D
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    Contest enCFrypted -- First weekly clue, Poll for next week

    And the winner of the first poll was the 3rd part (maze)! Unexpected tbh, part 4 was leading for a while but part 3 overtook it in the last hour! Here's the clue for solving part 3! The "vig" at the end of the maze refers to the vigenere cipher! As for the cipher text (text that needs to be...
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    Contest enCFrypted -- Deadline, Weekly Hints? [POLL]

    Intro Post First Clue Today marks 27 days since the first clue was posted, yet a victor has not been declared. I've decided to take mercy on you guys and give you an opportunity for some hints. I will be posting up to 4 hints; one hint each week starting next week. The part that the hint will...
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    Contest enCFrypted -- The hunt is on! [First clue]

    Nope. If someone finishes it would be posted on the forums asap.
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    Your favorite /server?

    Probably CF2 because most of my builds are there. I think a lot of people don't like CF1 because it got reset last year(?) when they upgraded the plots so they might not have a lot of memories in it.
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    Contest enCFrypted -- A puzzle-solving contest; win a rank up!

    It has been posted the first clue is in that post.
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    Contest enCFrypted -- The hunt is on! [First clue]

    Can't answer that ;) I assure you it's in the post.
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    Contest enCFrypted -- The hunt is on! [First clue]

    Intro Post A few reminders first: - I will not be accepting random friend requests on Discord [Nagimaeda#1845] (unless we're actually friends lol OR if you have a valid reason for not joining the CF Discord) if we aren't friends already, you have to join the CF Discord (at the top left of the...
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    Can I have my name changed to firebringer please? Thankss

    Can I have my name changed to firebringer please? Thankss