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  1. muckk

    cf help

    alright so my school has a "minecraft" periodic table... its completely wrong has blocks like endercrystal and im confused why they would use this... its something like this
  2. muckk

    Suggestion Preventing getting pushed

    yeah no, the laws of minecraft don't allow this.
  3. muckk

    random art thing ツ

    thats so good periodic table .
  4. muckk

    i love it...

  5. muckk

    hey friends

    maybe hmmm
  6. muckk

    Suggestion Spoiling Rule

    It's directly saying what big happens in the movie.
  7. muckk

    hey friends

    hi idiots so some may know about muckks item shop. its now /home dreckks now though. but this is just making it official. we arent a corp of any kind just a shop. eee don't kill me i hate corpssss
  8. muckk

    i love it...

    the trophie that is named I LOVE IT! you acquire by getting 500 likes on a post, has anyone actually gotten this or just monis?
  9. muckk

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  10. muckk

    Counting till experts stop

  11. muckk

    yo what

    nobody lives where i live.
  12. muckk

    CreativeFun Predictions 2019-2024

    ok but, this probably not going to happen. also when will chatfilter be fixed?
  13. muckk

    your signature... is GROUP SPAM

    your signature... is GROUP SPAM
  14. muckk

    Closed Build Contest Winners - May 2019

    that first one thoooo
  15. muckk

    Inhf's Birthday Video

    I love how Jess is still modding while partying (what a legend) also happy bday ing its late soz <3
  16. muckk

    Phoenix x Dragon

    actually i dont know well im kinda getting into it though J.K Rowling can still get in the bin
  17. muckk

    Suggestion Plot MOTD

    I will be voting yes this is great for roleplays, skin comps and more. One con though, I wouldn't let Plot Staff do it. If there was to be a plot admin then maybe they could, but overall yes I like this.
  18. muckk

    Can we all give a appreciation?

    alright, so. this new design is h0t, ofc :>. lets just give a appreciation to monis and who made this. what happened in the update: • Recolour • Made the 'staff' part more official. •The bar where you see your alerts, mail and settings has been changed looking much better. • And much more...
  19. muckk

    New website and store design

    i actually love this really good job.
  20. muckk

    can i do an icon for someon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh mk lolol