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  1. SuperMonis

    Small Store Suggestion

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, fixed :)
  2. SuperMonis

    New website and store design

    Hi everyone, You may have noticed the website now has a new design, we've also taken this opportunity to redesign the store page which was pretty outdated. The store link has been changed from to, the old link will still work...
  3. SuperMonis

    Suggestion Reporting Suggestion

    This could be a nice option to have. This is a rough draft but I guess it could work like this: When clicking on the nametag button to add a comment:
  4. SuperMonis

    Closed Build Contest Winners - May 2019

    Hi all, I'd just like to personally thank everyone who submitted a build for this competition. We had a lot of great submissions but in the end there can only be three winners! Don't worry though, if you didn't win there's always next time. We plan to do another build competition in June with...
  5. SuperMonis


    Tuesday 23/04/2019 + Stop players from using splash potions with chairs
  6. SuperMonis

    Closed Build Contest - Deadline May 1st

    Hi all, It's time to host a server wide build contest! This contest is open to all players including staff. The top 3 finalists of the contest will be awarded with a rank or rank upgrade depending on what their current rank is. If you're a $100 donator rank and you win, you'll be given the...
  7. SuperMonis

    Progress Report - 27/03/2019

    New IP It has been around a month since we have changed our IP so just to be clear, if you are having issues connecting to the server please make sure you are using the new IP: Build Contest There will be a build contest starting on April the 1st and a post will be made...
  8. SuperMonis


    Thursday 21/03/2019 + Fix bypass allowing players to use hacked items from armor stands
  9. SuperMonis


    Monday 18/03/2019 + Prevent armorstands with hacked items being placed
  10. SuperMonis


    Saturday 16/03/2019 + Block VPN's and Proxy's from connecting
  11. SuperMonis

    Working on a really big update that will change the way you play on CreativeFun. Expect...

    Working on a really big update that will change the way you play on CreativeFun. Expect CreativeFun Beta Tester available for purchase very soon. Keep an eye out for updates on:
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    Wednesday 06/03/2019 + Further performance improvements to plot staff feature
  13. SuperMonis


    Friday 01/03/2019 + Fix several false positives and allow new domain to be sent in chat + Update references to the old website domain to the new domain
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    Wednesday 27/02/2019 + Further performance improvements with plot staff feature
  15. SuperMonis


    Tuesday 26/02/2019 + Force players to use new ip address to connect
  16. SuperMonis


    Thursday 21/02/2019 + More performance improvements with plot staff feature + Fix several false positives
  17. SuperMonis


    Wednesday 20/02/2019 + Improve performance with plot staff feature + Fix several false positives
  18. SuperMonis

    Why's the server down?

    Our host is investigating the issue, it appears online for some people and offline for others. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. SuperMonis


    Saturday 09/02/2019 + Add 10 words to the filter and fix multiple false positives + Display staff rank in /msg when players send a message to staff or receive a message from staff
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    Friday 08/02/2019 + Add several words to the filter and block several bypasses