A Creative Fun Newsletter..?


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Hello members of the Creative Fun Community.

As you've seen from the title of this thread, a new Creative Fun Newsletter is starting, and we'd like to inform you what's going to be happening.

No.. this is not some amazing idea that was designed by Monis or Dawn. This was designed and will be managed fully by players and will be posted in the writing section of Forums.

Organizers: @valeriite, @awsthetic, @Linsc_, @stcrs. (More names will be edited in along the way.)
/home CFN (creative fun news)
Although we haven't posted our first newsletter, this is a forum thread to pretty much clear everything up and explain to you all what's going on.
This newsletter, as almost any other, will be divided into sections. So far, we have about 6 that I can name right now, and more that will be added on later. (Feel free to suggest some in the replies.) There will be a roleplay section, based on upcoming roleplays or roleplays that need to be known. There will be an events section, based on certain things that have happened in the server during that week. EX of Event: As many of you may remember, a little while ago, CF1, 2, and 3, all went down. Players gathered together and played hide and seek in spawn, which was both fun and connecting for players. Then there is opinion. This section might be difficult to write, due to players having different opinions on Creative Fun. We are hoping to go into detail about what players think of certain roleplays, certain events, etc. We were also thinking of a section labeled, "Short Story." Although several players in Creative Fun probably could care less about short stories, some players might like to read for fun or see what the Weekly Short Story Writer came up with. WSSW will be explained more later on. There could also be a little box at the top filled with a weekly "joke." As cringe as it may sound, it would be nice to give players a small laugh before they read. At the bottom of the paper, we were thinking that we could have quotes on what people have said about Creative Fun News, and we will change players every week.

The purpose of Creative Fun News is to inform players what is going on and what they should know. Recently, I saw a post asking about how Creative Fun was, as the player had not been on in a while. This would be the perfect opportunity to inform players what is happening on Creative Fun when they are not online. It's also a way to help put Creative Funs Creative Writers to work.

The roles are pretty simple, we just came up with fancier ways to say them so we sound very smart. I'll name some of the more leadership filled roles.
Managing Director / Owner: @valeriite - Owner of the CFN. Manages it all.
Manager / Co Owner: @awsthetic - Helps Manage the whole thing. Co Owner of CFN.
Editor in Chief: @Linsc_ , @ whoever applies. - Edits each writers section.
Advertising Manager: all staff. - Advertises the forum thread in advertising chat.
Copy Editor:
@ whoever applies. currently, val is holding the spot until someone takes it. - Formats the newsletter.

Have a question, want to be involved, etc? You can do /home CFN and leave a book and quill in one of the receptionists hopper with what you need, or, if one of the staff members are online, you can /msg us and we'll help. You may also reply to this forum or leave a post on my profile (valeriite) if you need help.
My Discord: valeriite#2419

We have quickly designed a business building filled with offices, lounge rooms, archives, and a front desk just for you! If you need help with anything, we'll be sure to provide you with anything you need. [ /home CFN ] Please note that the builds are not meant to be professional or majorly detailed.

Want to help out with CFN? Apply for a job! After doing the /home, you will see the front desk. There is a book and quill with questions that you can fill out and throw in the hopper. If we are interested in what you've filled out so far, we will leave you a /mail asking you to come in whenever you can, and we will question you further. ( I swear this isn't too serious, we just want to sound professional.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you all like our idea and the effort we've put into it. Our first newsletter should be posted sometime soon, and after that, we'll be posting away!