A Guide to the CreativeFun Forums // Part 1 - Navigating and Posting on Forums


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Hey all! So, I thought it would be nice to have a guide to the forums for those who are new here so I hope you learn something new and have a great day!
Credit to @brighhton for assisting me greatly with this tutorial; without her, this wouldn't have been made!
Getting around...

On the forums there are a lot of different sections, sub-sections and more! Here is what each section in your toolbar provides:

The home tab is where you first get directed to when entering the CreativeFun forums. Here, you'll see server announcements such as new features and current events. Furthermore, you can get to any of the available threads by clicking the 'Continue...' button located in the bottom right corner of each of the announcements

Majority of the discussions are composed here; as seen below, there are three categories directing each part of the forums where players can communicate, receive assistance, apply and more.

You can find the members of the community in the tab. Here, you can find out which members have sent the Most Messages, received the Most Likes, who's birthday is today and which Staff Members are on the server.

Voting for the server brings the benefits of gaining Worldedit and Voxelsniper privileges for 3 hours and 2 CF coins (which can be used with the /shop command). Click here to be directed to the voting links.

The CreativeFun server has three main communication systems - the server, the forums and the Discord server. When clicking on this tab, you will be inivted to the Official CreativeFun Discord server. Here, you can communicate with members, listen to music, and be updated with new features added to the community.

The rules and guidelines associated with the CreativeFun community can be found here. Punishments are given to those who fail to follow them; if you have been punished and feel it is unjust, please make an appeal here.

Purchase a rank from the CreativeFun store here - the store offers a range of ranks with different perks which can expand your creativity and fun whilst on the server!

When on the Forums you will see three categories; Server, Website and Creative Fun; under each category are sub-categories with threads for different reasons which will be listed below:

  • CreativeFun Updates | Updates innovating new features to the game are publicly announced here.
  • Server Discussion | Topics, Giveaways, Discussions and more collaborate here. Remember that this channel is not to be posted with Builds, Roleplays or other showcase-related content. That is reserved for the Creative Fun category.
  • Changelog | Bugfixes and other small updates are posted on this channel; further discussions can be made to ask questions and discuss with the other players about the changes being made.
  • CreativeFun Guides | Official and Community-made guides are posted here to help you on the Server, on the Website and with general Minecraft Tips and Tricks!
  • Chatmod Applications | Interested in becoming a staff member on the CreativeFun server? Well, you can make an application here, listing your attributes and the reasons why you feel you should be a staff member on the server, (be sure to read all attached information). Click here to apply.
  • Server Suggestions | Got a game-changing suggestion for the server which can benefit it and the players? Suggest it here, providing examples, reasons and further information as to why we should implement it into the CreativeFun server
  • Discord Suggestions | Similar to the Server Suggestions sub-category, you can make a suggestion for the official CF Discord Server to improve its functionality and promote activity.
  • Report a User Format | Seen a player breaking the rules? Report it on this sub-category using the correct format - NOTE: You cannot report players based on chat messages due to the way the messaging system works; if you wish to report a player on the server, please refer here.
  • Ban and Mute Appeal Formats | If you have been warned, muted or banned and feel it is unjust, follow the format to appeal for your punishment - provide your analogy of the situation and be sure to provide evidence to back your statement. Click here to make an appeal.
  • Donations Issues Format | If you have purchased a rank and have not received it yet, please discuss it here. Be sure to provide proof of the purchase to make the situation easier to handle - please be patient as our staff can be busy with other agendas.
  • General Discussion | Discussions not frequently related to CF are discussed here.
  • Help | If you require help based on an error, command or function on the server, website or Discord, please post a thread here so one of the lovely members on the server can assist you.
  • Website Suggestions | Suggestions based on the Forums can be produced here!
  • Introduce Yourself | If you are new to the server or the forums, its suggested to post an introduction of yourself so the other members can learn about you and possibly befriend you! One Q/A about yourself is allowed but multiple threads are to be refrained from being posted.


  • Roleplays | You can post your roleplay built on the server here to advertise to an audience or to display the build!
  • Games | Participate in the multiple games here or create one of your own!
  • Art | Have an art piece you want to show off to the rest of the community? Post it here! You can also take art requests.
  • Builds | Display a build you have created on the server for feedback, suggestions and more.
  • Writing | Use your writing talent to compose poems, stories, scripts, and other pieces.
Now that you know where to post threads in the correct area, we need to learn the basics of posting threads.
The basic tools you can use is the font style (Bold, Italic, Unlined and Strikethrough), text colour, font type, and font size. Feel free to experiment to find out what fits with what topic.

Furthermore, you can use hyperlinks by clicking the chain symbol in the toolbar; when clicked, it can link to another website or tab, you can insert an image by using a URL or attaching it and you can also use emoticons (Smilies) to add colour and a cartoon-feel to your text.

In the 'Insert' item, you can create a spoiler which can hide a piece of text or image - when clicked, it can reveal the text being hidden. Below is an example of a spoiler:
Spoiler Goes Here!

Lastly, in the toolbar, you can adjust the alignment of the text highlighting it and transiting it accordingly by clicking on the 'Alignment' tool. You are also able to make lists and dot points by clicking on the 'List' tool.

Continuing away from the toolbar, you are given some items to use on your thread at the bottom of the screen; predominantly, the 'Poll' feature is used in Suggestion threads, allowing other players to vote whether they like or dislike the idea. You are also able to attach files containing data and images to view.


And that's the end of this guide! Thank you for reading and there is a Part 2 to this tutorial discussing the features associated with the Forums and how to use them! Click here!
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