Atonement (Fantasy/Post-Apocalypse)

Earth 2355AD
Society has collapsed beyond recognition, what was once the most advanced society on Earth has fallen into decay. Series of wars fought over petty natural resources have destroyed human society as we once knew it. Only a shell of what once was remains, technology has mostly reverted back to that of the 16th century apart from some remnants like medicine and weaponry. Disease, corruption, poverty and lawlessness have all added onto the weight of this fall. Though some believe that all is not lost, that there is a way to come back from what can only be described as the Fall of Mankind. This belief lies in what started all these wars in the first place, the power source Etherium. Etherium was a power source that was capable of powering entire nations for months with even a small amount, though it had its drawbacks. Military use of Etherium is what drove society to this point, through combination with humans it provided them with something similar to magic. As such, the remaining civilizations have begun to hoard Etherium for their desperate attempt at survival. Though when combined with other things it can also cause drastic changes, for example the monsters known as the Zvire, come from its contact with various animals. As well as objects known as Padelky, which hold immense strength. This new world order is a dangerous one, and to bring humanity back from the brink or to increase the height of its fall, Etherium is the key. And only those who can harness and use its power will be the ones to be the spearhead of it.
I don't really have a basis for the exact story of the actual roleplay but this is just the general concept and lore behind it. And yes this is the idea I mentioned in global earlier. Applications to become staff at Atonement will be available at /home Atonement at some point.
Timeline of Events:

-A new mine is built in Catalonia
-A new mineral is discovered deep in the mines
-The greatest minds from the world over come together to do research on this mineral
-It is discovered to be some form of power source
-The name Etherium is adopted and it becomes the new primary power source over the previous ones
-New mines open up across the world
-Saudi Arabia and other oil dependant economy nations begin to decline
-The Middle East enters another period of extreme instability
-The British Commonwealth unites into one sovereign nation
-Iran, Iraq and Syria declare war on Saudi Arabia and Jordan
-Due to the atrocities of this war a UN coalition steps in and invades Syria through Turkey
-Due to internal conflicts over Etherium supply, the UN collapses
-A new cold war starts between the West and Russia and its allies over Etherium supply
-A new era of colonialism begins after a French invasion of Tunisia and Algeria
-British, Italian, Spanish and German invasions of former African colonies
-Russia begins to exert influence over Eastern Europe
-Japan, Korea and the Philipines begin a lengthy rearmament
-Czech Scientist Alois Zvire conducts experimentation on the effects of Etherium on various objects, animals and even people
-Zvire's experimentation leads to the creation of monsters known later as the Zvire to spite his name
-Zvire also discovers potential for humans to harness something like magic
-Objects known as Padelky, which hold immense power are created
-Africa has fallen to colonialism once again
-Russian and Japanese Imperialism shines once again
-Liberal values have fallen
-Various nations start to collapse due to the ongoing cold war such as India, Indonesia, Argentina and Colombia
-Zvire is assassinated by Czech extremists
-Japan, along with Korea and the Philipines declare war on China
-Japan and Korea gain control of China's Manchurian Etherium supply, forcing them to surrender
-Japan, Korea and Philipines unite into one central state along with their newly aquired territories in North Korea, Manchuria and Vietnam
June 12th, 2167:
World War 3 begins
March 15th 2170:
The War is over, casualties number in the billions, very few nations are left standing. Civilization is done for. Society begins to regress to that of medieval times. Communication with the rest of the world is still possible, but for how long? There are no winners of this war, as none are left standing to claim that title.
Present Day
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