Here, you'll be able to catch up with everything that happened in the previous episodes!
I will be posting recaps in a form of text and pictures for better presentation.

I will include the schedule/format of each episode so you know in which order things are happening.
There will also be a track record which shows the progressing performance of each contestant.
So.. let's start!

EPISODE 1 - The Fashion Ball

INDTRODUCTION - All 11 contestants entered the main lobby with a lot of excitement! They sat on the sofa and slowly got to know each other
while Beyonka [me] was getting ready to enter the room. Beyonka came down the stairs and all the contestants lined up on the red carpet.


After that, Beyonka introduced contestants to the show and the first challenge which was..


In this challenge, contestants had 20 minutes to go on the internet and find two skins that fit the themes!
And the themes were SUMMER & WINTER!
Some contestants had trouble finding proper skins, but some finished in first few minutes.

Here's how the workroom looks like:


20 mintues have passed and all contestants managed to get both skins ready.
Some were happy with their choices, and some felt like they could've done better.


Now we move onto the stage!
Contestants had to do their runway walks one by one. After each contestant did their runway walk, they sat on the side and watched the others finish. Some looks really impressed Beyonka, and some not so much.. But here are the looks and Beyonka's opinions!


In my opinion, both categories were really strong, but you could see which contestants had better sense of fashion.
In the winter runway, you can see that cozy sweaters/jumpers and scarfs were the trend.
For the summer runway, the trend was pastel colors, googles and fish eating legs.. weird..
The contestants that were placed high/won were strong in both themes, safe contestants were a bit basic..
And low contestants were just not as polished and interesting looking.
I also appreciated how some contestants like Missy, Malakai, Ghost and Dust had the same heads in both themes, which made their
outfits more related to their original skins.


After the runway ended, all contestants lined up on the stage so I could decide on their placements.
So here's how it works:
SAFE contestants are announced first, they go to the 'Shade Lounge' which is backstage.
HIGH and LOW contestants are the ones still standing on the stage. But they don't know who's placed high and who's placed low.
I gave them short critiques and comments on their outfits, so they could maybe have a better idea how they'll be placed.
After the critiques, HIGH and LOW placed contestants also went backstage to the 'Shade Lounge'!

SHADE LONGE is the place where contestants get to rest and chat about the challenges or anything else while Beyonka's deciding further placements. Sometimes, you might see some drama happening in there! This was the first episode, so there was no drama really.

When I called all contestants back on stage, it was time for me to announce the WINNER and the ELIMINATED contestant!
Sap and Menchies in my opinion had the best looks and that's why they BOTH won the challenge! Wolfie and Maddy were placed high.
It was up to Spooked or Ghost to go home, because they were both placed low.
BUT, the twist was that this episode NO ONE was eliminated!
I saw potential in both of them and I just felt bad eliminating anyone in the first episode.
After that shocking moment, the first episode was ended!


Track record is what you'll be seeing after each episode. It will showcase the performance of each conestant progessing through the show.
*Disclamer* Sunny will join the competition in the 3rd episode.



EPISODE 2 - The Build Battle

Day 2
The contestants are back in the lobby. They were mostly happy no one got eliminated, although some thought judging was
pointless since no one went home. But they were all ready to start with the next challenge!
After I came into the Lobby, I announced the next challenge which was..


When the cast entered the building arena, they were impressed by its size. It was huge!
The arena has 5 building pits which would all be used.

Winners of the first episode had the opportunity to assign the teams.
Each team had 2 contestants. The winners were already put in a team and they could also choose the third teammate!
Menchies and Sap made up the teams judging by similar tastes. I don't think they were shady with their choices.

Now it's time for all teams to build! But wait.. what are they gonna build?
Each team got a different theme, so no one would steal ideas from other teams.
They all had to build houses in different styles, and here they are!

TEAM EMERALD - Wolfie & Malakai - Jungle House
TEAM OBSIDIAN - Missy & Frodo - Spooky House
- Spooked & Ghost - Modern House
- Sap, Menchies & Maddy - Suburban House
- Dust & Robyn - Farm House


Beyonka's Comments:

Suburban House - The house was really pretty on the front, but that's pretty much where it's mostly pretty.
The interior should've been more cozy and also the sides on the house were totally flat and boring.

Farm House - Although it was small, they managed to put so much effort into it. The exterior is cute, it has a lot of
character and charm. I love the dog, apples, birds, and Dust saying 'Welcome'. The interior should've been more cozy.

Spooky House - The house sure does scream 'Spooky'! I like the color scheme, but I'm not a huge fan of nether bricks.
It would've given me the 'wow' effect if it was more gothic and victorian. Also it had a nice small attic.

Jungle House - This one was.. interesting. Malakai even told me the whole story of the house..
It's supposed to be a tree house, but I wish we could see more of that tree. Overall it looks unpolished.

Modern House - Although I like the design, which was sleek, the interior reminded me of some noob houses.
Also I've seen a house like this so many times.. But It's cool!

I know my critiques are a bit harsh, but they ALL did pretty well! A strong cast, as I already said :)


After the challenge, all contestants went on the main stage to find out their placements.
The only SAFE team were Frodo and Missy.
The rest were Highs and Lows.. After that, contestants went back to 'The Shade Lounge' where they had a little bit of drama!

In the Shade Lounge

It's the second episode and the cast already had some small drama.
Some contestants made fun of the Jungle House saying it looked like Rapunzel's tower! Also, they kinda knew the Gold Team was gonna win, but they didn't really agree with that choice.


Final Placements & FIRST Elimination

All contestants are back on stage, it's time for final decisions!
The Diamond Team (Sap, Menchies, Maddy) was placed HIGH. The Gold Team (Robyn & Dust) got their first WINS!

Some didn't really agree with that.
And the LOW teams were the Iron Team (Spooked & Ghost) and Emerald Team (Malakai & Wolfie).
I made the decision to save the Emerald Team, which meant Spooked and Ghost were up for elimination!



Malakai, Wolfie, Dust, Robyn, Menchies, Sap & Maddy had to VOTE OUT either Spooked or Ghost..
And they all voted for Ghost. He felt little hurt that everyone voted for him..


Ghost - Gh0stW0lf99

Placement: 12th
Track record: LOW, ELIM (Points -3)

Charisma: I wish he stayed more in the competition so I could get to know him better.. But overall, a nice guy who was good with everyone!
Uniqueness: I haven't really seen anything so unique in him for the episodes he's been in. But I'm sure he has something special 'bout him!
Nerve: His behavior in the competition was alright.
Talent: I could see talent in him, wish he had shown it more.



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"Some contestants made fun of the Jungle House saying it looked like Rapunzel's tower!" SMH Rapunzel wasn't a lonely husband who had to leave his wife to escape the mafia ;( But I really enjoyed the episode nonethelesse!


I’m still salty that diamond didn’t win but there’s nothing I can do
Anyways this episode was fun, and at least Menchies and I are still in the lead :,)


I’m still salty that diamond didn’t win but there’s nothing I can do
Anyways this episode was fun, and at least Menchies and I are still in the lead :,)
Well others gotta win too! Keep up with them high placements ;)
"Some contestants made fun of the Jungle House saying it looked like Rapunzel's tower!" SMH Rapunzel wasn't a lonely husband who had to leave his wife to escape the mafia ;( But I really enjoyed the episode nonethelesse!
Girl- your story was TOO MUCH lmbo


I loved this competition! It was fun building a house! Also, congrats to the winners, you both deserved it! Can't wait for the next episodes, see you all then!



Contestants are back in the lobby. It's the third day of the competition and they are ready for some new challenges!
When I came to the lobby, as usual, I introduced them to our next challenge which was.. THE ROASTING CHALLENGE
But that's not all..
Prior to doing the episode, contestants had to prepare their skins for the "OTHER-WORLDLY RUNWAY"
These looks could maybe save them if the bomb in the main challenge..


Welcome to the Roasting Challenge of 'Talent Race'!

In this challenge, contestants had to prepare jokes/roasts/shades for 1 or 2 of the fellow cast members!
They had the option to prepare them before the show.. or if they didn't have much time, they still had 20 mintues on the show..
Some contestants (like Malakai) came prepared with jokes for everyone.
I didn't really see anyone really stuggle in this challenge, some were more funny.. and some were just less funny!


Here are the roasts!
SUNNY: For Dust - Dust hush, you lookin' like a piece of lint. Don't come to me with that attitude.
For Sap - You lookin' like a hairless Chewbacca.. Girl what were u thinking? Star Wars creature who?

WOLFIE: For Malakai - You know Mal, I'll never forget the day we first met, you made quite a first impression.. I'll never forget that day, but I'll sure as hell try.

SAP: For Spooked - Your taste in skins is almost as bad as your modern house. It's true, it was kinda ugly doe..
For Wolfie - Your jungle house looked like a minecraft arm - ugly and square.
(these were references from the build battle challenge)

MALAKAI: For Dust - If there's anything higher than your IQ.. I'd say it's your total of 2 points in the competition!
For Wolfie - You're as relevant as the stone wall you built in the build battle.
(reffering to their jungle house)

SPOOKED: For Sunny - Ghost- I mean Sunny.. Sorry, I'm just really offended you ghosted us last week. Seriously you couldn't just come for like two hours? God..
For Malakai - We all know you're good at editing skins. Maybe you should try editing your personality!

DUST: For Sap - What's under that mask? Oh right, nothing.. just like your personality!
For Sunny - Don't be salty just because it's cloudy out today.

ROBYN: For Sap - When I first saw you, I always thought you were pretty. But it's sad that nobody knows.. that you're actually a dude! Yo' mama so fat her blood type is ragu.
(ragu is some sauce I think)

MENCHIES: For Dust - It's kinda sad you're never satisfied with your placement after challenges. I guess you're trash at competing, and well.. roasting challenge.
For Sunny - I bet they only reason you skipped the first episodes is because you know you can't place in a challenge.. I feel sorry for you.

In my opinion, most of these were funny if you read them with a proper tone and if you knew the references!
I definitely gagged at some of these, they made me gasp for a real one..

As you can see, everyone came for each other.. but no one wanted to roast Robyn or Menchies..
Maybe others don't know them very well.

But anyways- Now we're moving onto the RUNWAY!


The theme for this runway was OTHER-WORLDY!
Contesants had to come up with skins that look out of this world, they were inspired by sci-fi movies, astronauts & aliens!
Also, here's my runway skin too! I will be following all future runway themes too ;)

Beyonka's critiques:

Menchies - I like the whole concept of her body being in the middle of a transformation/mutation. Half-human half-alien or whatever..
Wolfie - Although I like the color aesthetic, I'm not sure what I'm looking at. I cannot see her face clearly or what she's wearing.
Dust - Lookin at he skintone you can se she's an alien.. I'm not sure why she needs a TV, there's nothing other-worldly about that.
Robyn - I don't know if she was an alien or a zombie.. It would've been much cooler if the eyes were black and skin less saturated.
Sap - It's like some fashion hippie alien.. I like the vibe and aethetic of the skin.
Sunny - I love this skin a lot! Those pants are not really cute.. but you can clearly see it's an alien.
Malakai - What's goin' on? This look is all over the place. The hair color does not match the rest of the look at all. It's also too vibrant!
Spooked - I like the concept! The color grabs your attention and I also like that he was attacked by some creature on his chest. But is it really other-wordly?


After the runway, it was time to announce some placements!

Menchies, Robyn and Malakai were all SAFE! The remaining contesants were HIGH's and LOW's of the episode.
Before we find out their final placements let's see what happened in the SHADE LOUNGE!



If you don't want to read the chat here's what pretty much happened:

Malakai was happy that Spooked was placed HIGH, but she didn't agree with Sap being placed HIGH too.. Malakai was on a whole rant talking about
Sap's attitude and how it's not right. Robyn was trying to defend Sap, but later she agreed Sap has an attitude.
While they were talking behind Sap's back. Sap was in the Confessional Room. She talked about some runway skins and how bad they were..



After some drama in the Shade Lounge, all contestants are back on the main stage!
Sunny and Sap were placed HIGH, and.. after being low two episodes in a row, Spooked finally WON!
The LOW contestants this episode were Wolfie and Dust..
But no one went home this episode since they weren't completely bad in the challenge!
(I also saw a lot of potential in both of them)

**Missy and Maddy were not a part of this episode, but they will come back the next one!**
**Frodo made a personal decision to leave the competition due to being really busy.**
**No Track Record this episode, It will be revealed in Episode 4**



The gameshow may look sweet on the surface but Beyonka isn't fit for hosting it p.p 5 of us quit today, we did it because Beyonka isn't flexible and snaps when someone says they can't make it that day. CF is a toxic place so me and Maddy are leaving the whole server! Beyonka's gameshow is hell if you aren't on her good side, and I saw that eventually. Peace :p


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The gameshow may look sweet on the surface but Beyonka isn't fit for hosting it p.p 5 of us quit today, we did it because Beyonka isn't flexible and snaps when someone says they can't make it that day. CF is a toxic place so me and Maddy are leaving the whole server! Beyonka's gameshow is hell if you aren't on her good side, and I saw that eventually. Peace :p
5 of you quit today? Okay, well first of all thats a lie. The first three did NOT quit today. Beyonka snapped because someone quit literally just before todays session, and you hating on Beyonka for that is seriously unfair. The date and time has been set weekly in advance, so if you can't prioritise that time over some other things when you have the rest of the week to do them then you're not being the better person here. Beyonka is an amazing host for being able to put up with even 3 people walking, so if you're going to leave the entire server over a host being upset because you decide to ruin their hardwork (Which isn't even the FIRST time it's been ruined) then go ahead, we're better off without you