Bill's Guide to making, running and advertising a good role-play

Okay so, im bill. I own /home battenlabs (TAKE A LOOK)

I'm gonna be showing you MY WAY of building, running and advertising role-plays
I'm open to debates in the comments, lets keep it to a well thought out discussion please.

PART 1: Building
STEP 1: Knowing what you're gonna build
This should be your priority.
If you don't know, ask people to vote on your ideas.
Here's a few common ones
-Rvr's (Royals Vs Rebels)

STEP 2: Staff, or not to be staff?
So, now that you know what you're gonna build, you now need to think if you need a few extra helping hands, don't be scared to ask! Pop a little message in /a advertising your project.
Or, if you need to thoroughly screen your potential staff workers, try applications. Applications should usually be short. Some basic questions are usually like the ones below:
-In game name (IGN)
-How active are you?
-Why do you want to help?

and etc.

STEP 3: Getting the build done
Now that you have your staff roster, the next part is getting the build done.
This process usually takes more then 2+ days (Unless your a w/e genius working by yourself)
You should always take inspiration from other builds. (Or steal ideas, you can do that too)
World Edit (
Vote here) is always a handy tool to get things done. My usual tools are:
//set hand (hold a block)
//replace (Blockid) hand
//set (blockid,blockid)
All these commands are what i use to BULK BUILD the role-play.
After bulk building, ADD DETAILS. Stairs, slabs, floor patterns, you should utilize them to make the build as detailed as possible
And now you have your build, time to make it function.

PART 2: Running
STEP 1: Rules

Now that your build is complete, now it's time to put that build into motion
RULES, they set out the guidelines here for the rpers. Common ones include:
-Follow ALL CF rules
-Be LGBTQ+ Accepting
-Show respect to staff
-Not being overpowered
-Attention seeking
-Saying unholy words
Now that we have rules, we need roles.

STEP 2: Roles
You should try to have many, but not TOO MANY. having too many will cause the Roleplayer in question to have Analysis Paralysis (Explained here, Source: Extra Credits)
Roles are done in this format on signs.
Role name
Role player cap
Also with roles, make sure to include a little context about each role.

STEP 3: Story
So now that you have roles, you need a story.
Your story shouldn't be the cliche 'murderer in a camp find him' or 'government is bad and brings people to labs' Those sort of stories have no actual context as to why the 'murderer was in a camp' or 'the government is taking people to a lab'
My point is here, USE CONTEXT.
Also, with stories. Stories should follow the ideas of being realistic and follow the basic facts. (Like how i saw one person today with a story-line about powers induced by radiation.) Your story should be very good, detailed, contextual, factual.

STEP 4: Hosting
Now that everything is done, start hosting. You/You're staff should always be around to accept roles, do signs, answer questions.
Every now and again, use /announce to thank your players for coming, and to ask your players to Advertise, Grab a role and read the rules.

STEP 5: Feedback, and how important it is
When you first host, you should encourage your players to give feedback on the build, writing, story, etc. What you DO NOT WANT TO DO is DENY PEOPLE FOR GIVING FEEDBACK. That's really tacky, and shows that you're not open to feedback. Write this feedback down somewhere, so when you finish hosting, you can get to work on the suggestions. You should also see what's wrong in your first host.
PART 3: Advertising
Advertising your RP is CRUCIAL to get people to come to it. For instance, shorter messages can be used when /a has died. (Like: Come to /home testthing for an epic lab rp) But longer messages are usually effective at getting the point across when /a is getting flooded during busy hours. My advertisements structure like this: Introduce yourself, Say the home name and the rp, and make a phil swift/bill wurtz refrence (For instance: Hi, bill wurtz here from /home testthing, the one of the best lab rp's on the server! It even works underwater!)

I hope that this guide is informative and well made to help you make an epic role-play.
In my next guide i'll be showing you how to do lab rp's the right way.

Stay tuned -bill


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Hey Bill!

I want to thank you for this guide, personally I have the experience of advertising and running a role play. However, I'm aware that there is a lot of people who also do not!


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You know what I wanna know, is how do I effectively run my College Roleplay? I've played on CF almost 5 years but I never really made a rp of my own, I was usually attending other people's. But I made my own (ZontorCollege) and like when I start the rp. I feel as I rush thing to fast and just don't let people get to rp in certain places for long- really just straight to the point, how should, after I let the rp start conduct the rp? Should I make them go to the school right away? Make them go and explore? And how much time should I allow them to do these actions?