"The Marooning”

The survivors started their journey on a large jungle boat, taking them straight to the mystical island of Creative Fun. After I explained the basic rules, the survivors swam off of the boat and onto the coast of the island, where their teams were decided. They would be spending the next half of their journey with the 7 other people on their team.


After the teams were chosen, the Survivors spent time socializing at their designated camps. They soon received clues of their first challenge at their Tree Mail, and the survivors were now ready to compete in their first Advantage challenge!

In this challenge, both teams competed to see who could copy an exact replica of a camp first! Both teams seemed pretty equal for most of the time, until Endero tribe realized that they had built the wool tent incorrectly... Because of this, Banon easily won the advantage challenge. Their reward for the challenge was extra materials to decorate their empty camp with.


(There are no pictures from the immunity challenge, I'm sorry)

In their first immunity challenge, the survivors had 5 minutes to first create a team base for the Capture the Flag game with different materials. After the building time ended, the survivors took their swords and started battling to see which team could break the opposing team's flag first. After a short couple of minutes, it was iJazzy from Endero who easily broke Banon's yellow flag. Because Banon lost the immunity challenge, it meant that their team had to go to Tribal Council, and unfortunately vote off their first teammate.

When the Banon Tribe entered the Tribal Council area, the whole tribe was unusually quiet and seemed rather suspicious...
One by one, I asked each team member to cast their vote on who to eliminate. Once they were done voting, I collected the votes and read them aloud. The votes were 4 votes for loveNoya, 4 votes for AcceptableReeces, creating a tie.
Because of the exact tie, it was apparent that there was a divide in the team. Because there was a tie, it was declared that both Noya and Reeces would give speeches on why they should stay in the tribe. After the speeches were done, a revote was cast. Noya and Reeces could not vote in the revote. The votes of the revote were 4 votes for Reeces and only 2 votes for Noya, causing Reeces to be the first survivor eliminated from CFSurvivor. He was given quick farewells by his team and then immediately left.

Place: 16th

Predicted Place: 15th

I predicted Reeces to get 15th place in the season because, compared to some other survivors, Reeces’s application was a bit less detailed and he just listed the most important parts of his strategy.

Status: Prejuror

Skill: 1.5/5
Reeces did not really stand out in any challenges he was apart of- although, he did manage to help his team when it mattered, such as the “Camp Construction” challenge.

Strategy: 1/5
I don’t believe that Reeces had made any allies during his time on CFSurvivor- However, during Tribal Council I assume that he teamed up with the guys of Banon to try to vote Noya out, yet that alliance did not last long.

Popularity: 1.5/5

Reeces did not talk to many people (probably because it was the first ever episode) except for the other guys on his tribe. Perhaps not being social caused his early elimination.

Memorability: 2/5
Reeces was probably not here long enough to show a unique personality or gameplay. However, he will always be remembered as the first person ever to be eliminated from CFSurvivor.


I can’t wait to hear more of Reeces’s story at the CFS Season 1 Reunion at the end of the season!

15 Survivors remain.

What are your reactions to this? Who are you rooting for! Reply below!
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I find it really cool and unique with all these new long term game shows on CF popping up or becoming more well known such as CFBB, CFSurvivor, BAM, CF Race, and more! I'm starting to like this new trend on CF, it is really fun both to watch and participate in them!


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Sadly, I wasn't in the boat photos. My internet started messing up around that time. I got it working for the challenges though. This is becoming a lot of fun!

“The Prepared Vote”

To start the 4th day on the island, the remaining 15 survivors were given new materials to decorate their camps. Before long, they received new Tree Mail, describing their second Advantage challenge.

In this advantage challenge, the two tribes had to race to collect 10 brown coconuts from a jungle wall. Whenever they collected a green coconut, they could steal a brown coconut from the other tribe’s chest.
The tribes were pretty even at first, yet at 7 coconuts each, Endero Tribe struggled to get up the wall higher, costing them the challenge. Because of Endero’s struggle, Banon won the challenge, winning 2 advantage challenges in a row.
Soon after, the survivors then went to participate in their next immunity challenge!


In the immunity challenge, each teams lined up in a row before an obstacle course. One member from Banon would go against another from Endero. Whoever finishes the obstacle course first gets a point for their tribe- first tribe to 3 points wins.

Yellow- Banon Tribe
Pink- Endero Tribe

1) Duck v. Vinny(sad_dissemble)- Vinny wins 1st point for Endero
2) Sapli v. DaddyApplez- Sapli wins 1st point for Banon
3) Maddy v. Jazzy-
During this third round, Jaz took his anger out on Maddy by hitting her with a fire stick! This caused lots of chaos, saying that Jaz was “cheating”- Anyway, we made Jaz and Maddy redo the race, and Jaz won the 2nd point for Endero.
4) ThicccccDad v. TrxshCan- These two had the exact same parkour skills; they took the same amount of time on EVERYTHING, until Trash came up from behind and finished the last phase of the course very quickly, earning the final point for Endero Tribe!

Because Endero got 3 points, they beat Banon by 3-1 and received immunity from Tribal Council for the 2nd time, meaning Banon would have to lose ANOTHER member tonight.


At Tribal, I noticed that the girls of Banon (Maddy, stcrs, sapli, Noya) were sitting away from the boys (ThicccDad, OfficalDuck, Kappa). When I asked ThicccDad if there was a divide in the teams between boys and girls, he said that there was no divide whatsoever, yet Duck clearly disagreed.
I also asked Maddy if there was one person one the team who wasn’t pulling their weight. However, she did not answer the question and stated that everyone was doing their part on the tribe.

I then started calling up the Banon members to vote.
Suddenly, some of the members noticed that OfficalDuck already had his vote in his hand before he got up to the voting station! I asked Duck why he already had his vote ready, and he said that “he knew exactly who he was going to vote from the beginning”. The girls of Banon, especially stcrs, reacted strongly to this and attacked Duck.

When I read the votes, I was shocked that it was 5 votes for Duck, 1 vote for Noya. This was the first blindside of the season- Duck’s prepared vote must have caused this to occur.

Because of the vote, it was declared that the tribe was spoken, and Duck would have to leave immediately.


Place- 15th

Predicted Place- 6th
I was very surprised with Duck’s early elimination. On his application he listed that he would be a team leader and help his team to victory- However, he did not display these traits often, and the times that he did, he often got backlash from other members on his tribe.

Skill- 1.5/5
Over the 2 episodes that he was on, Duck did not stand out in any of the challenges he was in. In fact, his loss to Vinny in the immunity challenge today might have also led to his elimination.

Strategy- 1.75/5
Although Duck was a part of the Banon boys’ alliance against Noya in episode 1, his great blindside in today’s episode showed the weaknesses in his strategy.

Popularity- 1.5/5
Duck did not seem to openly have any fights with any of the other survivors throughout his time on CFSurvivor. In fact, some people on Endero stated that they liked Duck and thought of him as a strong player. However, the girls on his team did not like his leader-like traits and thought that it would be easy to kick him off early.

Memorability- 2.75/5
Duck was on the shyer side during his time here- I did not expect this because he stated that he would lead the team in his application, which he certainly did not do. The attack between Duck and the rest of the team in regards to his prepared vote was certainly the most dramatic moment so far in the season. I can’t wait to hear more to his side of the story in the CFS1 Reunion at the end of the season.


14 Survivors remain.

How do you feel about Duck’s elimination? Any predictions on what will happen next? Who are you rooting for?​
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Sorry Duck, you had guts, but now they're spilled. Seriously though- no hard feelings. also props to anybody who gets that musical reference <3


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Well, unfortunately, it was the luck of the draw. I knew it was ThiccDad or Me. I made a mistake not grouping all the boys together from Episode 1. If I did, it would be 4v4 and we might have had a chance, but I was blinded in the first episode and basically forgot that am playing Survivor. I insure you, don't be blinded like me. Just one thing, a quote. "Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say" -Andy Stanley. No hard feelings.


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Ok ok ok, Me and Maddy are fine, we both apologized xD. She just hit me when you said stop so thennnnn and only thennnn I took my anger out with a fire sword I got from the first immunity challenge.