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Hey! Welcome to my Forums Game!
I don't know if one of these has been done before, but I don't see one being active right now.
(EDIT: I found out at least one of these has been done before (with a little twist to it), but that one has been dead for a long time...)

How it works:
The rules are pretty simple:
One person says a word, then the next person has to say another word, but they're only allowed to add or remove or change 1 letter every time. You can change the positions of the letters as much as you like.

- You are not allowed to go back to the same word as two steps before!
- Try to avoid posting a word that has been said before.
- All words have to be in an English Dictionary, preferably Oxford.
- Symbols like ' and - do not count as a letter.
- Names only count when they mean something else too, like 'Stan'. (It's a name, but it also means: "an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity".)
- Names of places are allowed, as long as they're in an English Dictionary. Most big places are, so you don't really have to worry about them.
- You are allowed to post the singular/plural form of the last word, or a different person of a verb, as long as it's a difference of only 1 letter, of course.
- Inappropriate words: All words that are against the CF Rules are also against the rules here.
- You are allowed to enforce these rules yourself, but make sure you don't break a rule yourself then. (wink wink @Mireiia )
You changed a letter, and added a letter. Starting again from "meet".

- Please do not post unnecessary messages like ‘Idk’. If you want to say something, add a word to progress in the game too, unless there’s a good reason not to, like if someone breaks a CF Rule. Please also do not hold complete conversations even when you still add a word to each message.
You can post any kind of word you want, as long as it follows the rules above!
NOTE: (February 18th 2019) Due to some recent Forums Purges, several messages were deleted from this thread. Due to this, there are several occassions on which it seems that the next word has a difference of more than one letter. Please do not comment on these, as the list was right back in the day when those messages still existed.

Person 1 said:
Person 2 said:
Person 3 said:
Person 2 said:
Person 1 said:
Person 3 said:
Person 1 said:

I'll start! The first word is: Cook
Let's see how far we can get!

(If I notice that you're all struggling to come up with a new word, I'll give you a new word.)

(This is my 200th message :3)
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I looked this up on google so I don't know if that is an actual word, lol
It is, it's the 3rd person present of 'rot'.

(Not sure how it worked fully, sorry if I broke a rule ;-; )
I forgot about verbs, you're allowed to post a different person of a verb too, as long as there's a difference of 1 letter. Updated the rules to hopefully make it clearer.