[Clan Wars] - A Group Strategy Game Experience


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Welcome, this is a thread for the new military strategy game, Clan Wars!
We will start off with a quick FAQ that will provide essential information moving forward on this thread.
Q: What is a clan?
A: A clan is an organized group of people, with a leader, that operates much like a nation or tribe, with different jobs and a military. There needs to be a leader or group of leaders running it with members which are recruited from any server. Having as many active members as possible is essential for gaining power
Q: What are clan wars?
A: A clan war is a - war between clans. Their military will spare against each other with big PvP battles and role play aspects mixed in. To start it one clan has to simply declare war on another and they will organize a date and time to fight with their members in combat. The role play comes in with the military aspect of it. There are multiple battles that have to be fought in order to win a war, and annexation of clans is possible.
Q: What is a battle?
A: A battle is an organized date and time agreed on by the leaders of two warring clans. We have custom made battle plots and bases for battles of all different types to take place on. Massive pvp battles take place and this is where the strategy aspect of the game comes into play.

We are looking for anyone active and willing to participate in this fun experience, anyone who likes role play, strategy and military stuff is encouraged to join us and make your own clan!

Say you want to join, how do I make a clan?
First things first you have to be registered by an admin, this will be done on discord (dont worry mods Im not linking the server i read the rules) so we can communicate with you daily. We have news channels where you can post news about your clan and its military developments. Once you join, any members you recruit can also join and it is recommended you have a personal clan discord to communicate with your members on battles times etc.

We really want this to grow, and think many would enjoy it! Please, if your interested comment below or dm me, and I will send you some more information or if this is allowed, just add me on discord
(If this isnt allowed, I will remove it immediatly, aint tryna get banned out here)

Thanks for reading