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Mr. Clockman: A 9 feet tall automaton that possesses “some” sentience. He sounds like a middle-aged british man with a voice changer. He wears a long brown and expensive trench coat that covers most of his body. He also wears a fedora, leather gloves, and a large purple crystal mask. His weapons are mostly his explosive clocks, his teeth, and the golden sabre. Although he has a frightening appearance, he’s useless in long range battle and is very slow. Due to his height, he’s also a big target for anyone. He compensates for this by using his allies and henchmen to fight for him as he’s a very manipulative machine.

Mini-Clocks: 2 feet tall automatons that serve as grunts for the Clockman. They have a clock for a head and have small metal pincers for fingers. Their clothes vary, but they typically wear clothing similar to the Clockman. They wear a top hat and a brown suit. While not the greatest in a physical battle, they’re quite deadly to be standing near as they’re explosive.

Anti-Deus: [. .. ]

Jeeper-Creepers: Standing in the total height of 10 feet, they’re the main enforcers of the Clockman. They wear no clothes, simply in their metal bodies. They have a large clock for a head that continuously spins and can be split apart to reveal teeth. They also have a skin-walker type body. Their limbs are capable of extending and compressing into their bodies or out. Their claws can be fired as grapples and are capable of climbing walls and ceilings.

Big Brother: Big Brother is an automaton that looks similar to the clock tower known as Big Ben. It stands at 50 feet tall, its arms and legs being made of carbon fiber. Its body and head is the building Big Ben that can open the clock and spill down an army of Mini-Clocks onto the ground. It mainly uses its arms and legs to fight.

The Henchmen: Typically Elves and Orcs, these beings are hired by Mr. Clockman to act as his main soldiers. They wear a uniform similar to the Clockman, having a brown suit, brown cargo pants, and clock masks that actually function as a clock which also acts as a gas mask. They carry a Musket 1861 Springfield Rifle.

Jays: A blob-like automaton that possesses the ability to shapeshift into virtually anything in the world. It’s only feature is a clock on its chest. It is generally passive.

Constables: [EXPUNGED]

Sir Sound’s Henchmen: These are students from the Academy, forced to become a better version of the Henchmen for Sir Sound. Their uniform look similar to sound, having a black suit that has more armor, black cargo pants that also have armor, a bowler hat, and a mask painted to look like Sir Sound. They’re trained a lot harder then regular Henchmen and carry more equipment including explosive clocks, rope, medkits, and a Purple Clock. They use the Winchester Rifle as their main weapon.

Explosive Clocks: A common weapon that Clockman uses, it’s a clock that can detonate at will or will detonate at 12:00. Its kill range is 4 meters.

Purple Clock: A rare weapon that Clockman uses, it’s a clock that will implode at will. When imploding, it absorbs anything near 2 meters and brings them to the Void.

Clockman’s World: A gravity-defying pocket universe created seemingly by Mr. Clockman. The world is filled with purple space yet oxygen exists in it. Big Ben floats around the empty universe in a constant circle. Inside Big Ben, Mr. Clockman lives in it. He possesses the ability to change anything in it. For example, changing the color in space, adding or removing oxygen, making new buildings, etc.

The Portals: Clockman possesses the ability to make purple portals seemingly out of thin air. Although a powerful transport ability, he cannot directly place a portal without having the coordinates first. The portals are indestructible and can block another portal from opening.

Clockman’s Story:

A clever but lonely man, Dr. “Doesn’t matter..” Locke created marvelous machines with his intelligence, solving issues for hunger and finding new sources of energy. But, he was a quiet man. He wanted a friend, but he didn’t want to talk to anyone. Depressed, the doctor sat in his own house to weep to himself. Until, he decided to build one if he couldn’t make one. So, he asked a seamstress (by sending a note) to make a coat longer than a streetlight, a hat larger than his thoughts, and gloves bigger than any monster hands. He then started to build a large metal man, 9 feet tall in total. This took him a decade, but he finally completed the tall man. He then got the clothes from the seamstress and began putting clothes on the giant. He looked up at his creation with pride, but he saw one terrible flaw. The machine wasn’t sentient, it couldn’t think for itself. He wasted 10 years just for a failure. He was sad now, but then a demon arrived on his doorstep. He wears a black suit and tie and had a friendly yet deadly smile. He offered the

Doctor the gift of life, but in return for his life. The doctor first refused, but as he slowly grew more lonely, he sold his soul to the demon. The demon upheld his part, slightly. He gave the doctor the crystal of life, telling the doctor to attach to the machine. So, the doctor obeyed, making a mask to hold the crystal and place it on the tall man. It worked, the crystal mask glowed purple as his creation rose to life, but with another deadly flaw.

The tall man was sentient, yes, but he had the never ending hunger for human flesh.

The Tall Villain escaped the doctors house, deciding to spare him as he created him. The tall man looked at his surroundings, with a smile behind the mask. His first words being, “How lovely.”

Types of Miniclocks:

Mini-Clock: They wear a tophat, a brown suit, and pants. That is all. They’re commanded by Clockman.

Shadow Mini-Clock: Dressed identical to the Mini-Clocks, they’re painted all black and are capable of hiding in shadows. They’re commanded by Shadow Clock

Lady Clocks: Dressed in a red dress and wearing a rose hat, they’re “females” and are commanded by Miss. Clockman

Brutal Clocks: Commanded by the Red Clock, they are Mini-Clocks that are more aggressive.
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