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OwO it's been a while
Okay so I've been finishing up making my clue/cluedo game and so I'm gonna do a rank upgrade
Depending on how many people show up I might allow teams (teams don't get any extra stuff it's just a buddy to play with same amount of cards and everything) there are 8 spots for people so it's first come first serve

How do you play this?
Well it's pretty easy you'll get an amount of cards (depends on how many show up) those people/things/rooms you know is innocent, the objective is to guess who, what and when by asking questions, you may only ask a question when you get into a room (I'll show an exactly of asking a question below). You need to roll the die to move spaces (each one of these are spaces)
Each sea lantern is 1 space74634
I'll explain how to roll below.

How do you question?
You'll pull a player into the room (say the colour of their player) ask if they have a certain colour (player), object, or room, if they don't have it you ask the next person in line but don't say the answer or question in /l! do it in /msg and tell me you'll have to make a list of if anyone has a person/place/item and by process of elimination you'll figure out who killed the person with what in what room whoever gets it first wins! (Don't lie of who you have cause I'll know :) and it just hurts you)

How to move
You'll give me a number 1-3 and I'll roll it online (you'll have to trust me on the numbers) going into a room counts as a move! There are also in the corner secret passages that you pass through once and can't go back through the next round

Any questions about the game you can ask below

Times: Undetermined rn but it's either gonna be this week or in 2 weeks (I can't get on next week) most likely the second one

btw it's a $10/$15 rank upgrade
thanks to @Lnua @666gay and @hhopee for help building
I'm gonna keep some updates on this all in the next few days
uhh here are some pics


Times: 1pm EST Sunday 5/5/2019
6pm UK
yeah questions?
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This is irrelevant but I like white and grey couches shown in the screenshot.
Nice build everyone.


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Wow, this looks fun! Be sure to ping or dm me on discord when you do it.

as long as I'm not in school cough


Oh mah goodness I love this game, I have the boardgame version and I play it with my friends all the time :D

Also I hope I can compete this time, these contests are always at times when I can't be online :(


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Looks fun. I have a really dated dusty version of cluedo l0l, I haven't played it in a year or so. Also, the build is very detailed, well done smiles.

why are floorboards not a weapon in Cluedo?


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The builds look really good! You guys did i good job. Good luck to everyone that is participating.


Update: I can host it today (1:23am, Sunday) at I think I'ma have it at 6pm (my time) so 1 est
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