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Hi there! Lately there’s been a lot of uproars about chat filter, staff, and the server in general including the ‘revolution’ and criticism to certain roleplays.

Although many of these are cleared and resolved(or old), I wanted to make a little point about giving proper criticism without players comitting murder in global! People are entitled to their own opinion and a lot of us can be pretty defensive or sensitive on them when somebody stomps on it and then say “No! This is right-“ and so forth. So here are some notes that I hope are helpful. :-D

1. Pros and Cons
Simple and pretty straightforward, when you want to make your point on what to be fixed then think of the consequences on it. Don’t be blind to the cons because in order to make a convincing suggestion, you also have to bring some nice solutions on them too. Not everyone else will turn on a blind side on them and every point, solution, etc, has their flaws. Try to weigh between the pros and cons of your idea and see why your solution will be worth it to the server.

2. One for All
Be considerate about your point; When typing it, think on how it affects everyone in the server rather than yourself. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else dislikes it too. When typing your points, think about them and try to avoid mixing your personal bias in the general suggestion. E.g ‘Don’t say this roleplay sucks’ when talking about examples of a roleplay genre. Try saying ‘I believe this rp is poor in its general execution....” It implies that you understand you’re placing your bias in it but keeping it constructive rather than rude. Avoid going on rants and keep level headed!

2. Presentation
If you want people to stand on your side or agree then the first thing you should not do is insulting or blaming somebody like the staff online. Whether on global or forums, be polite and calm on explaining your ideals rather crying an all out war or ‘revolution’- It’s a minecraft server please calm down. Going very aggressive on your points shows lack of reasons, toxicity, and generally upsetting everyone and will most likely cause an argument. Stop attacking the players and stop attacking the mods because it doesn’t go your way.

Advertise your points in debate homes or other events online and in the forums, make your ideas organise and tidy yet intriguing to read. If you write one big chunk of words, you’ll make some readers struggle to understand your points fully. Like this:
Paragraphs help a lot and make it persuasive and enjoying to read! It will help players agree or come to terms with your ideas rather damping somebody’s day :-D It’s also good practice for whenever you need to write a debate or essay for your coursework outside of CF!

^this is what global looks like sometimes
3. Realisation
Stay open minded on what Creative Fun is. Just because you demand for it to enable swears doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Remember what Creative Fun is, a child-friendly server and it’s going to stay like that for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to start a complete riot on global chat or rant on forums, there are some things on this server that’s going to stay definitely. So please understand and branch your points from those rules or stuck in stone ideals, suggest ideas that gently nudge them rather than changing what makes the server CF entirely.

Why is this important?
I think it’s very important to realise that Creative Fun is a minecraft server that isn’t professional or a brand. It’s a just simple server that’s multiplayer and based around the creative gamemode. Please stop being toxic and generally hurting a lot of people’s feelings or ruining somebody’s day. You’re not doing a great service when poorly calling out bad roleplays or saying ‘Chat Filter sucks’, because 1. It’s obvious and already been repeated a lot and 2. You’re looking for an argument.

The staff are just volunteers, they don’t get paid nor have to act professional; They can have a friendly chat with players or participate in an rp. They’re just following the server’s rules and keeping order in the server. And Monis doesn’t have to look at every single suggestion stuck on the forums or feel force about anything. Again, nobody gets paid for doing this server and all the donations are sent to improve the server.

The staff are human so please respect that they have duties or sleep outside of the game :)
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epic guide man
sometimes i felt like i was giving constructive criticism but this guide will help me say it in a way that doesnt make staff explode
thanks :D
Fantastic way of summing it up!
I’ve been trying to explain the paragraphs thing for ages but this really makes its easy to understand.