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Hey yall! Ok, so I have a game. Continue the story!

Please follow all cf rules.
Do not be mean about other peoples continuations.
Please post at least 2 sentences continuing the story.
Do not go off topic about the story.

Your prompt is: Magic!

I will start:

She slowly inched towards the glowing mass.
"Finally, the hard work has paid off. I will make them so proud" You said, deeply sighing. This had been both of your life goals since you were 5. You and him worked very hard, and the time had finally come.

Have a fun time!


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The bluish light of the mass seemed to pulse as the girl moved closer. She stretched out her hands and closed her eyes, her body trembling ever so slightly, as if awaiting an embrace.

Then the light flared a brilliant white, brighter and brighter until it hurt to look straight at it. The girl grit her teeth, fighting her fear, and stood her ground. She'd worked too hard for this to give up now...
And as she stared into the bright light, it became blinding, the girl didn’t want to keep her eyes open but she did, staring and staring until- the light fluttered out and she stood there dumbfounded “what happened?!” Distraught she looked at you for an answer, knowing full well you didn’t have one.


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(can I change the 2nd person point of view to first? 2nd just sounds kind of awkward. I'll edit this if you all disagree)

The three of us suddenly found ourselves standing in darkness. The small chamber was dim and shadowy, lit only by a rectangle of moonlight thrown by the window across the wooden floorboards.

"What happened?" Mina repeated, her voice wavering.

I ran towards where she stood in the center of the room and fell to my knees. The shards of the shattered orb glittered in the dim light. I didn't bother trying to scoop them up- it was hopeless. The orb was broken beyond repair.


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"I.. I don't know. It just happened" Answering as the shards began to glow even more. None of them knew what was happening, it wasn't normal. This kind of stuff never happens right? It's just a dream, right? No matter how much I didn't want to believe it, something weird, unnatural, was happening. Suddenly as it all started the light just went out. The shards were just apart of a dead glass orb, what happened?