Counting: Staff vs Players


Hey all.
Does any of you notice the thread called Negative or Positive?

I will plan the same.

Dekeiido has planned to make a second Negative vs Positive thread, so Dekeiido decides to make this thread cooler. As the thread has been posted, many players keep on posting this thread and made the staff reply a lot in this thread so that the staff doesn't get bored. As this thread gets more replies quick, Dekeiido has planned into making CreativeFun history. Dekeiido wanted his thread to surpass last post wins based on replies. This thread will be the most-replied thread soon. Still, the count is still going.

However, replies have gone rapidly fast. It's all belong to staff that was counting down, trying to beat the record, with Kqwi taking the lead. Dekeiido and WakenBySleep tried to surpass the staff's counting record and encouraging more replies. Suddenly, the war still continues, and people have been replying for long.

Dekeiido soon will bring more non-staff players (e.g. ToriMc, Innardia, etc.) to help him stop the staff from counting.

I don't see any cheaters here, but I don't catch ya skippin' a single number!

From now on, members and non-admins are required to count normally. Only @Inhf, the server admins or higher rank, @Mikcey, @ImJustKpopTrash, @WakenBySleep, @JustSimplyCloud, @Gooberr and @_OmniiPotent_ are allowed to skip count by 2.

If staff surpass the non-staff's record and break the new record, then non-staff may count up to 10. (20 for @Dekeiido, @Mikcey, @ImJustKpopTrash, @WakenBySleep, @JustSimplyCloud, @Gooberr and @_OmniiPotent_)
If non-staff surpass the staff's record and break the new record, then staff may count down to 10. (20 for @Inhf, all server admins or higher)

When counts reach above, below, or at zero, all boosts have been revoked.

Event and date Rules:
At the beginning of every year, all reply records reset to 0 (at 12:00 a.m. GMT, not your own timezone, even @Dekeiido, unless your timezone is GMT) and all counts will be reverted back to normal.

Game Objective Now:
Non-staff: 1
Staff: 0
Admin: -2
Another Admin: -4
Dekeiido: -2
ImJustKpopTrash: 0
Non-staff: 1
Also Non-staff: 2
Admin: 0
Non-staff: 1
Staff: 0
Dekeiido: 2
Mikcey: 4
Inhf: 2
Dekeiido: 4

etc etc

There is no winning or losing. Instead, high and low records will be recorded.
trying to make this game endless

Alright. Now that we rapidly reply a lot faster in this thread, we need more replies than last post wins by @Keui so that we can make CreativeFun history!!! I want to see that happen!!!


Highest and Lowest Counts Achieved

Highest: 205 (by @JustSimplyCloud)
Date: May 12, 2019
Lowest: -417 (by @Kqwi )
Date: Apr 9, 2019

Highest and Lowest Counts by Year

205 (by @JustSimplyCloud), -417 (by @Kqwi)
2020: TBA
2021: TBA

Number of Posts - Milestones Achieved
10 - Feb 2, 2019 at 10:31 p.m. AEST (@ImJustKpopTrash)
100 - Feb 5, 2019 at 3:36 a.m. AEST (@Mikcey)
1,000 - Feb 13, 2019 at 7:10 a.m. AEST (@peachylint)
10,000 -
100,000 -
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