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Staff Management
Staff Management
The thread that lists promotions can be found here.

Format is as follows:
Date of Demotion
Username - Resigned/demoted (Reason for demotion. Links to resignation threads are functional for staff only.)


January 2016

Rinne- Demoted (disrespectful attitude, unable to cope with rigors of position. details in this thread)
Sophty- Resigned (My Resignation)

February 2016
OMGitsBianca- Resigned

March 2016
kvtkat- Resigned (it's over)
MandoPop- Resigned
Abbicado- Resigned (Resignation)

April 2016
NikkiZaurusu- Resigned
SodaToast- Resigned

May 2016
kittei- Resigned (My Resignation)
Evieki- Resigned (Resignation)

June 2016
dabgabs- Resigned (My Resignation)
aurealis- Resigned (My resignation.)
LilacThoughts- Demoted (copied application)
DestiinySaysHi- Demoted (inappropriate behaviour, abusing /punish)
ComicalTurtle- Resigned (I'm Resigning)

July 2016
jenissnazzy- Resigned (Resignation)
G3x- Resigned (Resign.)
astralspirytus- Resigned (My resignation)
Mayoko- Resigned (My Resignation., Leaked Staff Information)
Tropicals_- Demoted (inactivity)
Plara- Demoted (inactivity)
kelody- Demoted (warned for inactivity, stated was going to improve then said she would resign, leaked staff information)
Kaiedre - Resigned (My Resignation)

August 2016
HollySaurus- Demoted (not actively moderating when online, see here)
myprettyweeper- Resigned (My Resignation.)
Mvxine- Demoted (leaking staff chat information)
Bunniplier- Resigned (My Resignation.)
SuperAaron- Resigned (I'm done)
ilyteri- Resigned (My resignation)

September 2016
Alekona- Resigned (Good luck, everyone.)
kvtkat- Resigned (It's over., Leaked Staff Information)
TwentyOnePhoebe- Resigned (I'm resigning.)
Refletchion- Resigned (It's time, good luck everyone)

October 2016
IceGeminoki- Resigned (Resigning)
asterii- Demoted (inactivity)

December 2016
rasberries- Resigned (Resigning)
cactiiboo- Demoted (leaked information from Staff Chat)
anthor- Resigned

January 2017
BasicAly- Demoted (not actively moderating chat, not active on site)
Alzzzz- Demoted (account security)
SpartaYoshi- Resigned (It's time, I'm resigning)

February 2017
izzywizzy- Resigned (Resigning)

March 2017
astralspirytus- Demoted (inappropriate behaviour)
MacySartorius- Resigned (It's over, I'm resigning.)
Abbicado- Demoted (inactivity)
svcret - Demoted (frequent false mutes)

May 2017
CryomancerEnd- Demoted (inactivity)

June 2017
hvcate - Demoted (disrespect/slander towards other staff; staff on another server)
auureum- Demoted (disrespect/slander towards other staff)

July 2017
zojinka - Demoted (inactivity and lack of moderating)
dillls - Resigned (Resigning.)
mienaka - Demoted (lying and dishonesty)
blazedeyes - Demoted (leaking staff information)
HollySaurus - Demoted (inactivity)
Bvffy - Resigned (Resignation)
Svyonara - Resigned (Resigning.) (leaking staff information)
Riptidefx - Demoted (Inactivty)

August 2017
BeachedAly - Resigned (Resigning.)
BasicAly - Demoted (leaking staff information)

September 2017
Faida - Demoted (unable to handle rigors of position, intent to apply for another server)

October 2017
Mireiia - Resigned (My Resignation.)

November 2017
Anashta - Demoted (inactivity)
Incivious - Demoted (inactivity)

December 2017
T16 - Resigned (T16's Resignation)
AnnRocksMC - Demoted

January 2018
fiirefliies- Demoted (unannounced inactivity)

February 2018
adorqble - Demoted (inappropriate behaviour, owns another server)
Pie3 - Demoted (Towl incident)
ItsFran - Demoted (Towl incident)
pointlessSarah- Demoted (excessive inactivity)
Dani_UwU - Demoted (unable to handle position, lack of effort in moderating)

March 2018
jacceline - Resigned (My Resignation)
ewitsjulian - Demoted (disrespectful attitude, unable to cope with rigors of position)
IAmAFox - Resigned (My Resignation.)
Squiigs - Resigned (I am resigning.)

May 2018
SmolBxnkAccount - Demoted (Off server behavior/lying/account security)
Naariii - Resigned (Two years is long enough for me.)

June 2018
detectful - Resigned (I'm resigning.)
auam - Resigned (I'm resigning.)
auan - Resigned (I'm resigning)

July 2018
__Kas - Demoted (Inappropriate behavior)
OhMsBeliever_ - Demoted (Inappropriate behavior)
OkxyElise - Demoted (Inappropriate behavior)
Kittisaurus - Demoted (Refused to end their MC relationship)
xCroissant - Demoted (MC Relationship)
Cizzozu - Resigned (I'm Resigning.)
ovwa - Demoted (continuous problematic and argumentative behaviour)
diplodiplodiplo - Resigned (Resigning)
nikkiisaussie - Demoted (MC Relationship, Derogatory comments towards Staff Team, leaked Staff Information)
notandi - Demoted (Leaking Staff Information)
izzywizzy - Demoted (Derogatory comments against Staff Team)

August 2018
Keui - Demoted (Leaking Staff Information, Derogatory comments against Staff Team)
Andylicious - Resigned (Taking a Break Now, but not Gone Forever)
SuperOkxyTiga - Demoted (Leaking Staff Information)
Orblan - Resigned (Resigning, I'll hopefully be back though!)
oMkayy - Resigned - (My Resignation)
georgiiie - Resigned (My Resignation, and a Thank You.)
Evelyns - Demoted (inactivity without notice)
Islla - Resigned (Resignation :))

September 2018
BeachedAly - Resigned (Needing to say goodbye)
Mireiia - Resigned (Resigning, I’m sorry.)
Beckyyyyyy - Resigned (My Resignation)
LittleLinny - Resigned (I am resigning)
MunchinDave - Resigned (Resignation)
Minearcft - Resigned (Resignation) / Demoted (Inactive 7+ days without notice)
Oakly - Resigned (My Resignation )
Crotal - Resigned (Resignation)

October 2018
Isqbellaa - Demoted (Leaking staff information)
simulxtion - Resigned (I'll Be Back)
Nakir - Resigned (My Resignation)
mmattiee - Resigned (mmattiee’s resignation)

November 2018
berays - Demoted (Inappropriate off-server behaviour)
Zaiklo - Resigned
alcxa - Resigned (My Resignation)
The_Gauci_Clan - Resigned (Resigning.)

December 2018
MiaRxse - Resigned (My resignation)
cafenuii - Resigned (Sadly, this is necessary. (My resignation))
spaacesanta - Demoted (derogatory comments against staff)
bvnanamilk - Resigned (My resignation)
nnpappas - Resigned (My Resignation sniff)

January 2019
alyyyssa - Resigned (My resignation :( )
FqreverAlqne - Resigned (My resignation)
FqreverFqded - Resigned (Resigning)
oofeenshmirtz - Demoted (Inactivity, not actively moderating)
Beckyyyyyy - Demoted (inactive on the server for a week+)
666Pae - Demoted (inappropriate off server activity, staff disrespect)
Deanho - Demoted (account compromised)
ssister - Demoted (leaking staff info)

February 2019
666Lovely - Resigned (Resigning)
Andromcda - Demoted (inactivity on server and forums)
Traapp - Resigned (Resigning)
KirumiTojo - Resigned (My resignation)

March 2019
AnimePlotTwist - Demoted (sharing account)
plcnt - Resigned (plcnt’s resignation)

April 2019
beanfilledcrocs - Resigned (sav’s resignation (I'm so sorry :( ) )
ohdolly - Resigned (My Resignation)
Colorrrr - Demoted (Not fulfilling the rigours of the position)
cherrilove - Demoted (Not fulfilling the rigours of the position)
lcigh - Resigned (My resignation (lcigh))
Kasyune - Demoted (derogatory comments against staff)
BlackWidowAsh - Resigned (My resignation)
Riskbunny - Resigned (My resignation)
TylerX_ - Resigned (My resignation)

May 2019
Gooberr - Resigned (My Resignation)
ImAReality - Demoted (Staff on another server)

June 2019
crewly - Resigned (My resignation post)
Xxpiggygirl77xX - Demoted (Inactivity on server)
_iwritesins_ - Resigned (Resigning.)
chhaeha - Resigned (My resignation :()

July 2019
neuralgias - Resigned
Rxbel - Demoted (Advertising other servers through the "CF challenge" )
Ezeriia - Demoted (Advertising other servers through the "CF challenge" )
Barries - Demoted (Leaking staff information)

August 2019
chqtfxlter - Demoted (Allowing players to break the rules)
StaffVsPlayers - Resigned (I guess this is it.)
Eagleverse - Demoted (Sending unsolicited discord invites)
Neptunes__ - Resigned
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