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CreativeFun Guide
Please take your time to read this and post some feedback below. I will, of course, be updating this regularly to fit the new features on the server.

Joining the server
When logging on, you will be spawned in the servers hub, built by Libbyliz and Shanah. Your toolbar will also have various items, that are there for different reasons. They are all listed and explained below:
  • Compass - By opening this GUI it will allow you to teleport to a /cf server. To teleport to the server, you click on the block and it will teleport you to the spawn of that Creative Server. In future, it will start taking you to the place you were last at on the server chosen, but as you're new, it will teleport you to spawn.
  • A book - It provides some commands and tells you how to use them.
  • Nether Star - You can open the /settings GUI using this. In this menu you're able to disable and enable specific features on the server.
  • Gold Ingot - You can open the /chat GUI using this. This menu will allow you to disable the different chat channels on the server (Global, Local, and Advertising), you are also able to disable/enable Private Messages and you're able to choose whether players can @ you in the chats.
  • Your Head - This will allow you to open up your friends list. If you're a new member, you will not have anyone on here, if you are not new, you may have some players on your friend list.
  • Clock - Right clicking this item will change whether you can see other players in the hub, or not.

Claiming a plot
You are able to claim a plot using the compass at the /hub. Click onto the block that is labelled with the server you want to teleport to. As mentioned above, you will be teleported to spawn, you can then use the command /p auto to claim a plot of land. You will then be teleported to your plot. As you spawn on the plot border, you must move forward in order to be in your plot.

Plot commands
There are many different commands you can use to allow yourself, and other players do. Below I have listed them, and explained how to use them and what they do:
  • /P info - This will list all information you need to know about your plot. Including, the owner, the plot ID, who can build, etc.
  • /P home - This will teleport you to your plot anytime you rejoin the server.
  • /P add (player) - By replacing the '(player)' with a players username, you will allow them to build on your plot. The suffix 'add' means that they can only build whilst you're on the plot, and they are not able to use Worldedit.
  • /P trust (player) - By replacing the '(player)' with a players username, you will allow them to build on your plot. The suffix 'trust' means they are able to build whilst you're offline, and they can also use Worldedit. Make sure you only trust people you actually trust.
  • /P kick (player) - As you may know from the commands above, by replacing '(player)' with a players username, you will be able to kick that player from your plot. Please be aware that they will be able to come back if you only kicked them.
  • /P deny (player) - You will ban the given player from your plot. They will not be able to come back to your plot unless you undeny them using the command below.
  • /P undeny (player) - This will allow a denied player to come back from your plot.
  • /P remove (player) - This will remove the given players permissions from your plot. Please note that this works in layers, so if you want to remove everyone who is trusted and added at once, you will have to send the command twice in order to do so.
  • /P set biome (name) - You are able to change your plot biome using this command. If you do not give a biome, it will list all the possible ones you can choose from. The default plot biome is Forest.
  • /Announce (message) - You can announce messages on your plot. To do so in colour, you will have to donate using /buy. You can take a look at how to use them in more detail here, and you can also see what they look like if you aren't already sure.

Chat channels
There are a few different chat channels on the server, you can also disable them using the /chat command that was spoken about higher up in the guide. Here is how to use them:
  • /Global - This is the chat that everyone can see, unless they have it disabled. The chat prefix is [G], and this is the channel you're able to ask questions in, and hold appropriate conversations.
  • /Local - This is plot chat. Only players on the same plot as you are able to see this. The chat prefix is [L] and it will show as yellow to make it easier to see, the chat is mainly helpful for roleplays, games, etc.
  • /Advertising - You can use this chat for advertising your plots, asking for places, or offering/asking for build help. This chat can get fairly fast, and you are able to find some awesome plots being advertised in here. The chat prefix is [A].
  • /Msg (player) (message) - You can send private messages to players. Make sure you fill in the information needed, for example: /msg Ecoya Hey! The messages will appear in blue (&b) on your screen so it is easier to see. You can send colour and fonts in /msg if you have a $10 rank, or higher.

To get a guide on how to use Worldedit, click here. This will give you some instructions on how to receive Worldedit.
  • Use /vote to get a link in chat that you can click on, or you can go to this page.
  • Click on one of the links in the list.
  • Fill in your username in the box that asks you to do so, and clarify that you are not a robot.
  • Press "Confirm vote" (Or the button that is similar to that) and it will send your link through.
  • You will then receive 3 hours of Worldedit on the server, and 2 CF Coins.

Donating to the server
You can either go to this page on the Forums, or use /buy and select the rank you want, to open up the donation page. Once you are on the page, make sure you fill in your username so the server knows who is donating, and then select the rank you want. All the permissions you receive will be listed there, and then you can proceed to the checkout. Complete your payment by using Paypal to purchase the rank. You should get the rank within the next few minutes, and if it does not come in 24 hours then feel free to post a thread about it here and it will be sorted as soon as possible.

The shop, settings and chat GUI
These are all interactive in-game menus that you can use to do many different things. Read below to find out more.

Shop - /shop:
As of now, the only option is to purchase a new plot and home, which is what the instructions are based around. In the future, if there are new additions to the /shop GUI I will be sure to update this and explain how it works.
  • Use /shop to open up the menu.
  • Make sure you have got the correct amount of coins to buy the option.
  • Select the grass block to buy a new plot and /home.
  • It will teleport you to your new plot, and you will have permission to set a home.

General settings - /settings:
In the GUI, if the wool is green, it means you have that option enabled, if it is red, it means you have got the option disabled.
  • The book and quill - This will allow you to disable/enable friend requests. So if you have this disabled, players cannot send you requests to be on your friend list.
  • The book - This will let you disable/enable friend notifications. This meaning that if you have players on your /f list, you can decide whether you want to get a notification and ping when they join and leave the server.
  • Steve head - You can choose whether you want your friends to teleport and bypass /tptoggle using /f tp (player).
  • The bed - You can decide whether you want players to access your /home or not. Having this disabled means players cannot teleport to it.
  • Dropper - This lets you decide whether you want to be able to throw items out of your hand or not.
  • Emerald - This lets you decide if you want to be able to pick up items on the ground or not.
  • The paper - You are able to disable/enable players from sending you /mail.
  • The nametag - Having this disabled means that you won't be able to see the /afk messages in chat.
  • Map - You can decide whether you want the scoreboard on display or not.
  • Sign - This lets you disable/enable players sending you /role requests.
  • The command block - You can choose whether you want the big /announce messages appearing on the center of your screen. Having this disabled will still allow the messages to show up in chat, though.

Chat settings - /chat:
The colours of the wool represent the same as they do in /settings.
  • Magma Cream - You can disable [G] chat.
  • Totem of Undying - You can disable [A] chat.
  • Enderpearl - You can disable [L] chat.
  • Steve head - You can stop players from /msg'ing you.
  • Name tag - You can disable players from tagging you in chat, and getting a ping noise.
Creating and receiving roles
First, you will need to get yourself a roleplay name which you can do using /rp (name).
A plot staff member and/or the plot owner must also have a roleplay name in order for you to claim a role.

To create role signs:
Place a sign, and on the sign you must put "[Role]" on the first line, the role name on the second line and the role quantity on the third. For example:
This shows that the role I would like to create would be named "Teacher", and only 3 players can have the role.

You can also create staff roles. This is when only plot staff can claim this role. To do this, replace the first line on the sign to '[Staff Role]', instead of '[Role]'.

When someone requests a role, you will get a message in chat asking whether you want to [ACCEPT], [DENY] or [BLOCK] the request. This message is interactive. You can click on the message to choose what you would like to do with the request.

Lock signs
These lock signs allow you to lock chests, trapdoors and doors. You are able to lock for staff, players, and specific roles on your plot.

To create a player lock sign:
Put '[Lock]' on the first line, and then list the players you want to access the area/chest on the next three lines. You can only put one username per line, so only three players can access chest/the area behind the door/trapdoor.

To create a staff lock sign:
Put '[Staff Lock]' on the first line. The sign will change to look something like the image below, and then only the staff that the plot owner has promoted, will be able to access the chest/the area behind the door/trapdoor.


To create a role lock sign:
Put '[Role Lock]' on the first line, and then list the roles you want to access the chest/area on the next three lines. You can only put one role name per line, so only three roles can access the chest/area behind the door/trapdoor.

The sign layout is the same for chests and trapdoors too.

Promoting and demoting plot staff
You can give players on your plot permission to be staff. To do so, follow the instructions below.

Before you promote the player, make sure they have building permissions on the plot. This can be with either /p add or /p trust. To promote them, use /plot promote (player) and it will broadcast a message, that only people on the plot can see. To demote a player, you can use /plot demote (player). To list the plot staff, use /plot staff.

What can plot staff do?
Plot staff are able to /announce messages on your plot, and create player lock signs, role lock signs and staff lock signs. Please note that they cannot add/trust/deny/kick players from the plot.

I hope this guide helped you out in some shape or form. Thank you for reading!
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