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MV Alek Dream
Hey, finally after quite a time, I got to finish my custom built cruise ship, the MV Alek Dream. It is a cruise ship that was started last year, but due to lack of time, I just got to finish it today. I would like to thank my good friend Henrus7 for helping me out with the interior of the ship. The ship was built on another server, but decided to publish the ship here because I do play on CF!
Name - MV Alek Dream
Operator - Alek Cruises
Owner - Alek Cruise Line LTD
Engine - Two Rolls Royce main engines and two Rolls Royce help engines providing about 61'000 HP.
Registered - England
Deck - 16 (including crew decks)
Cabin cathegories - 3 Star (+ Disabled cabins), 4 Star, 5 star, Business suites & Duplex suites.
Home port: Britannia (custom made)


Some of the features the ship can offer are lido deck with pool areas, a three-deck tall restaurants and shopping facility, main dining room at the stern of the ship. Enjoy live music and dance at the Oceanic Theatre forward at the ship or watch a movie in the cinema. Play some basketball at the basketball court or win a mini golf game. The ship has its own American steakhouse with seaview. Visit the Aqua Spa & Fitness Centre or laugh a little at the Stand-Up lounge. The Observation Lounge is open 24/7 with a magical view of the sea and Golden Gourmet Restaurant has its own delicious seafood menu.

- Welcome aboard!

This cruise company has no associations with any real ship-owner companies. It is only made up for its owner Alekc on Minecraft.
© Alek Cruises

NOTE: I have already made a thread of this for about a year ago but now it is 100% completed!

- Taken of the entire ship's starboard side. No water has been added to the ship due to the work of the port and the sea.

Taken at the bow, including helicopter pad, the bridge, crew's sun area and one deck down - the forward mooring station.

Taken above the ship with the terminal building and quay area currently being worked on.

The terminal building and the ship taken from the quay. Including some of the lifeboats.

The Atrium located from deck 7, all the way up to deck 14.
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I love this work!! You need to teach me some day! I've always been into cruise ships! Let me know if you can help me :) ( or at least teach me )
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I love this work!! You need to teach me some day! I've always been into cruise ships! Let me know if you can help me :) ( or at least teach me )
Hey Zossie! I really appreciate your feedback. Nice to hear you're into cruise ships, and I would love to teach you how to build it whenever I have time.


keep it up ☺
Thanks, highly appreciated!

wow!! this is so good!!
Thanks, very appreciated

good job ! it looks amazing
Nice to hear, thanks for the feedback!

amazing job!! great attention to detail ;)
Thank you for your feedback! I want to make it realistic:)

Soooo gooood!
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