Data Loss

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Hi everyone,

We've had to keep the server shutdown due to an issue with our SSD's failing. Any data on Creative1 and Creative2 from May 5th to September 6th is lost however we were able to restore everything for Creative3. SSD failure is very rare and all of our recent backups have also been affected by the data getting corrupted which is why we were only able to restore data from up to May 5th. A lot of effort was spent trying to recover as much data as possible to make sure that we would not need to wipe the entire server. Home names have been reset so be sure to claim the name you want as soon as possible, you will also need to repromote plot staff. I know that this is very disappointing news but we have been using this downtime to further improve our current setup to ensure that nothing like this will ever happen again and I will be going over the changes we have made to our new setup.

The damage
Any data on the server will be mirrored in real time to another SSD on the machine, in addition to this we have been working with our provider to set up automated backups directly to google drive in case both the main SSD and the mirrored SSD were to ever fail. The server cpu has been upgraded to the best processor currently available to help us better prepare for the 1.15 update. If you are not able to join the server this should be fixed within 24 hours, we have moved to a new machine so it may take some time for the DNS record to update. If your donator rank is missing message me on either discord or here and I will be able to sort this out for you.

Thank you for being so patient with us, I'd like to personally apologies for this situation. As rare of a situation as this is, we were not prepared for it which is why we have spent days setting up an elaborate system to make automated backups on a regular basis in a time efficient manner.


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F plots, I guess. I just rejoined a few weeks ago so this kinda sucks LUL, but I'm glad to hear backups are going to be made more often. At least we won't have to deal with this in the future!


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Well.. The loss of much building is to be held with great grief.
BUT! I thank you SuperMonis and your hard working team for working so hard at getting the server up and running again!
I think we all had a fine time here on your nicely made website whilst we waited. Legendary Thanks you!
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