Discord Music Bot

Discord Music Bot

Hi everyone,

The Discord Music Bot is finally finished! Discord invite link:

How does it work?
To request a song go to the #requests channel and type in /play <YoutubeLink>
If this is the first time the song has ever been requested then a staff member will need to approve it before it plays.
If the song you request has been approved in the past then it will play as soon as you use the command.
If the song you request has been rejected because it doesn't follow the rules then it will not play and you will be given a message letting you know that the request was denied.
Staff have access to the #approval channel where they are given two options, they can either accept the song request by clicking on the thumbs up emoji or reject the song request by clicking on the thumbs down emoji.

All Server/Site Rules (no cursing, no inappropriate speech, etc) must be followed. Songs that break server/site rules will be denied.
2. No Rick Rolls (Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"). Rick rolls will be denied.
3. No "Meme"/Joke videos.
4. No Non-Music Requests. Only music is permitted.
5. If a foreign-language song is requested and staff cannot find translations, it may be denied.
6. Players may request a skip, but it is up to staff discretion and they are not obligated to do so.
7. No songs more than 5 minutes long.


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This is gonna be cool! As i use discord, im forever wanting to play songs or listen to other peoples interests in music! GJ Monis!