Divergent RP [Sneak Peek] [W.I.P]


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Jun 16, 2018
Built By: @Shanah & @Libbyliz

"Choices define us, but are you willing to accept the consequences?"

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Standing outside the choosing ceremony, you seem to be wrapped tight with fear, it’s unshakeable resentment clasping to you like a lost child. Your eyes faded to a dull glimmer as they darted from corner to corner. The city? For as flawless it looks now, there still seemed to be a chilling ora emanating off the buildings.

Everyone around you bound by society’s divisions. The five factions: Amity (The Kind), Candor (The Honest), Abnegation (the Selfless), Erudite (The Intelligent) and Dauntless (The Brave). Finally, you have entered adulthood and now it’s your time to choose...

They say blood is thicker than water... but that is not the case here. Your faction is above and before anything else in life. But what happens when the Divergents threaten this system of peace and order?... What choice will you make?... Will you stand by your faction or hijack control? ... Be careful, because your choices will define you.

How This Rp Works:
This Roleplay was based on Veronica Roth's "Divergent" book series. Please note that you don't need to have read the books or to have seen the movies by taking part in this roleplay...

Before the Roleplay begins, you may choose your faction of origin before entering the choosing ceremony. We suggest that you choose a faction where your characters personality and traits could be best associated with a specific faction. Say for example you choose the faction Candor, the honest: your character would then have traits of speaking their mind. Furthermore, once you are in the building of the choosing ceremony you will have only the choice of choosing dauntless as your new faction. However, you will also have the opportunity to be divergent. At the choosing ceremony, you will only have the option to choose the Dauntless faction (as its the only available option & because we know more of it than any other faction). After you chose the Dauntless faction, you will be lead to the Dauntless base where your new life begins with the goal of becoming a Dauntless Member. You will go through training where your character will be tested while being ranked by the instructors. Various events will also take place throughout the RP. And the RP will end depending on the outcome of the roleplay participants' choices. (further details

Sneak Peek of the Builds:
*Please note that a lot of these builds are still a work in progress

Choosing ceremony building exterior:

Running to the train to get to Dauntless:

Jumping into Dauntless:

The Pit:


Training Room:


Sleeping Quarters:


More builds that are to be built are... the Ferris wheel... the fear landscape room ... capture the flag area and much MORE.

If you're interested in becoming a future participant of this RP, feel free to message me on discord (Shanah#1009) so you can be notified of any updates :) & also if you have any questions you can reply to this post or also msg me on disc.
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Jun 1, 2018
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Amazing! It looks just like the movie. Keep up the good work.


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Jun 16, 2018