Evolution Of Characters


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Deadman: A 6'2 feet tall half-synth half-human being. He wears a dark green body suit with Kevlar armor as well as an utility belt. He also wears black combat boots, black gloves, and a dark grey gas mask with two bright red lenses. I always enjoyed roleplaying villainous characters in Garry's Mod and once I found Creative Fun, I made up a character named Deadman. His main ability was shape shifting into a black smoke-like form, almost like Reaper (This character was made before Overwatch). Although an interesting concept, this was my first time rping really (On Garry's Mod, I didn't really rp) so I didn't understand rules such as "Fear rp" or "OP" or whatever. After many humiliating defeats as well as shameful roleplays, I decided to create new characters.

Mr. Clockman: A 9 feet tall automaton wearing a long custom-made trench coat, brown leather gloves, a leather hat, and a shiny crystal mask. After forgetting about Deadman for a while, I created a few more "test" characters for fun and tested them out. My memory isn't grand, but I remember creating an agency called Blackwatch (Similar to Prototype). Unfortunately, I didn't like this too much so I decided to scrap it. After aimlessly exploring through a skin website, I found this particular skin. Something drawn me towards it, I have no idea why or how but I liked it very much. So, I picked it and tested how it looked in-game. It was fantastic, but I needed a name. I remember watching a video about an animated show including a character called the Clockman. I thought that name stuck to me, so I used it. After maybe 2 hours of thinking a description, I went to a lovely lab rp. In this roleplay, Clockman was a mindless large automaton with 10 feet long arms. What made him somewhat deadly was that his ability of nullifying any damage towards him. His only weakness was the crystal mask on his head and when he went into "attack" mode, the mask would split into half and hide on the back of his head. I thought this would fail, as invulnerability is a very overpowered ability, but the role-players seemed to enjoy it and I had nerfed to it a point where there's a high reward if you manage to defeat the beast (It being your minion, basically). While this was very fun and I may of made my first (Actual) friends there, what really took Clockman off was the roleplay Legendary. I remember roleplaying there 24/7 (Not actually) with a friend named Lazy. She (Icly) was an ally of Clockman and would sometimes do his bidding. In this roleplay, Clockman was now sentient and his arms weren't 10 feet long. Although he still enjoys eating humans (I forgot why I implemented this), he can be more patient and make friends with useful humans. He's also more of a gentlemen, though he only acts like this to manipulate beings under his control. After many roleplaying and making a reputation, I simply got bored. Doing the same villainous act time and time again, sleeping at 10:30 PM every day after school. It simply got uninteresting. Though I felt pride when peole mentioned my name at Legendary, the spark of interest simply died. So, I packed up my (icly) bags, took my passports, and left to a different roleplay. Elysium. At first, it seemed generic as any other roleplay. Infact, I almost interest immediately. But, a friend of mine who rped at Legendary also moved with me and so happened to be the staff of that RP. So, I spent most of my time doing a private roleplay with Radscoprian or whatever the hell her name is. Yaddah Yaddah yah. Clockman.

Dr. Fowler: A 5'9 feet tall Snow elf wearing a black coat, a grey scarf, a black hat, and a white ceramic plague doctor mask with opaque lenses. She was...interesting I guess.

Black Slinger: A 5'11 feet tall human wearing a black coat (Mhm?) with hidden equipment inside, a grey balaclava, and carried a winchester rifle. He was only interested to expand our private rp into eventual chat rps. Whatever.

I'll add more characters once I remember them.