Explain your crush

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Most of us have crushes don't we well I'm here to ask you why you like your crush and what she/he looks like

must be cf friendly and don't make fun of


bwuh she's like 6'0 (or 5'11 idk) has black hair, brown eyes, her hair is always in space buns, she plays basket ball and has like the most comfy looking sweatshirts, she was born in Nigeria and moved here when she was 3 and she's 18 now and yeah


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Dude, she’s like 5’9, brown hair, and is just the nicest person to talk to. She’s also is really awkward, like me!!


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She’s like my height 5”5, maybe a little taller I think lol, brown hair, blonde at the ends, it’s kinda curly/wavyish and medium length, she’s flipping adorable, her texts are so dry lol but she’s the best person to talk to and hangout with, did I mention she’s adorable?


So I have a bf, but it's just really complicated between us. We broke up about 2 weeks ago but we're already back together since I missed him too much and I'm easy to forgive, and I suppose he loves me too lol.

Anyways he's VERY tall xD He's like 6'3 (I'm 5'7), he has blue eyes and blonde hair (that's actually weird cos I usually fall for Latino's and he's more Dutch than ever xD), he's super sweet and he has his way of charming me, and I guess he looks like one of my other friends which is creepy lol.

And ofc Zac Efron and Ed Sheeran are my crushes too :p

EDIT: Stop judging me pls :,^)


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I got a crush on this guy, I think he's like 5'11. and his bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. And I don't know, like I'm pretty much gay, but he is just like so kind, and I've known him since what America calls 6th grade(heading in to 10th), and I just remember this one time we were on the playground and he wanted to show me something and so he held my hand, don't know about you but I think that'd make anyone blush. And now hes in my high school and hes become even hotter, and he is just the kindest person to, and his smile.. I don't man, makes me sad that I cant even be friends with him because I have absolutely no reason to talk to him since we haven't seen each other in years because I was homeschooled for 7th and 8th.
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one of my friends at school. I don’t know her exact height but it’s shorter than me (I’m 5’3) and she’s plump (v cute). She has cute freckles and is very pale. also has a button nose!!! She has shoulder length light brown hair and bangs. she’s the sweetest person I know. she makes me go uwu


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my crush is my boyfriend and he’s very tall compared to me i think he’s like 6’0 or 6’1 and i’m 5’0 he has brown hair and brown eyes and he’s tan and v cute uwu
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