Forum Changes and New Discord Bot


Mar 9, 2012
Hi all,

Forum Changes:
As may of you have already seen, we've changed a few things on the forum.
  • Entire New Theme: A more rounded and pleasant design, moving away from the older 'blocky' feel.
  • Colour Palette: We've took on board your feedback, and introduced *many* various colour designs for you to choose from.
  • Faster Loading: The forum should load much quicker, less time waiting for the logo and background to load.
  • Forum Avatars: When browsing the main area of the forum, you'll now see avatars beside posts.
  • Dark Mode: We've added an experimental dark theme, found in your account preferences area.
New Discord Bot
We've been working hard to create a brand new and redesigned bot for our discord server.

We thought carefully on what would be a better way of dealing with punishments, and so we've introduced punishment ID's. When you receive a punishment within the discord, you will be given an ID - for example #abcdef. If you feel you've been wrongly punished, you will enter this ID on our appeal format. Staff will then be able to lookup your punishment, which should ensure things run smoother than they previously did before.

Chat Filtering
We've introduced a brand new profanity and advertising filter, which will minimise any profanity related punishments. However if you attempt to bypass this, you will be punished as this is against our rules. We've also introduced a new link filter system, which will allow you to put a message beside your link - unlike previously that removed your message and resent it with just your link. Our filtering system also covers messages that have been edited after they've been sent to prevent any profanity or advertising related content.

Chat Reporting
We are pleased to announce a brand new feature for the discord, the option to report a message for staff to see. If someone has posted a message that you believe has broken any of our rules - you may react to the message with the :report: emoji. This will then remove the reaction, and report it straight for staff to see. We believe this is a huge new feature that will make it easier for messages to be reported from the community.


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Nov 27, 2016
Love this! Thanks for taking my suggestion on board. The whole picture next to post is great. Keep it up!
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Dec 2, 2017
trying to catch Mickey in most messages
Hey idk this is just a small thing that bugs me- but when lJ are next to each other in (example) nullJava’s username they like blend together kinda- idk its not a big problem but just something that bothered me a bit xD