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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get World Edit?
Obtain world edit by voting, using /vote or by going to Each vote gives world edit for 3 hours, stacking up to 24 hours. Click the green arrows on the right and left of the popup to scroll through the different voting pages.

How Do I Get CF Coins?
Coins are obtained by voting. There are several ways to do this:1) Use the command /vote in-game and click on the link that appears2) Click "Vote" on the top menu bar of the website.3) Go to

How Do I Clear my Plot?
Standing on the plot you want to be cleared, use the command /plot clear and then /p confirm

What are Some of the Plot Commands?
Adding lets players build on your plot when you're online. Use /p add <name>Trusting lets players build on your plot even if you're offline. Use /p trust <name>Remove unadds a player given permission with /p add or /p trust. It also removes a player from the Denied list. Use /p remove <name>Denying kicks a player from your plot and blocks them from entering it. Use /p deny <name>Undeny a player using /p remove <name>Kick temporarily kicks a player from your plot. Use /p kick <name>

How do I Get a Warp?
If you ask, most people will tell you that warps are simply unobtainable. And, for the most part, they are correct. Warps are detailed, community driven plots, or plots that perform a function for the server. We do not set many at all - a new warp is rare. Please do not bother/beg our Owner/Co-Owners to set a warp for you. A better alternative is to create a home. This can be done with the command /sethome <name>, and this home can then be reached with the command /home <name>. You can only set homes on plots you have permission to build on.

I've Been Banned or Permanently Muted! How Do I Get Unbanned/Unmuted?
You may appeal your ban or mute here on our forums.Post a ban or mute appeal in our Ban Appeals forum. Please be sure to use the format posted here!

I Want to Be a ChatMod! How Do I Apply?
There is only one way to become a Moderator, and that is by applying in our ChatMod Applications forum. Please be sure to use the format posted here and follow all the guidelines, or your application will be denied!

I Want to Be a Donator! How Do I Donate?
You can donate in our Shop, which can be accessed either by clicking "Shop" on the top menu bar, or by going to perks of different donation packages are displayed when you click on "Buy" next to a rank.

Somebody Is Breaking the Rules! How Do I Report Them?
There are two ways to report someone: you can report here on the forums, or you can report their message in the server. To report on the forums, the Report a User forum, using the format that is posted here. Please be sure to include proof in the form of chat logs or screenshots, as we cannot take action against a user without proof. You can see an in depth guide created by xDesiredBlack at this link. To report on the server, click the offending message.

I Donated But Didn't Get My Rank! How Do I Fix This?
If you've donated but have not received your rank within 24 hours, please make a thread in the Donation Issues forum. It's very helpful if you include proof of purchase.

I Changed My Name and Lost My Rank! How Do I Get My Rank Back?
As with a new donation going wrong, please post a thread in the Donation Issues forum. In the thread, please include your old username, your new username, and your rank.

Website Questions

How Do I Apply for Website Moderator?
Though we have accepted Website Moderator applications in the past, we now choose our Website Moderators from our current pool of Server Moderators. Any Website Moderator applications will be denied, sorry.

How Often Can I Post a Server Moderator Application?
You may post one application at a time. If your old application was locked, you must wait 30 days from the day it was locked to create a new one. Some Site Moderators will tell you this date, and some will not; you'll just have to look at the date on the Site Moderator's post when they locked it.

How Do I Report A Post That Violates the Rules?
Under each post, on the bottom left, there is a rectangular icon that says "Report" with an exclamation point.Please do not report posts for no reason.

How Do I Create/Edit My Signature?
Check out this in-depth tutorial on Signatures by CuzzPvP - Signatures
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