Heckles It's Sean?


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About Me.
Hola my name's Sean (IGN HeckSean) and you could say I'm a new member of this delightful community.
From past experiences, people would say I'm a mature, caring and kind-hearted person who would usually put others before themselves.

Basic Info
<>I'm 16 yet my forums age is 17 (oops)

<> I'm from Vienna, Austria but my ethnicity would be good ol' Spanish

<>I'm a 6'1 boy who loves basketball very much (stereotypical?)

<> I have a younger sister who's 4

Additional Info
I've met a few people on this server already and so far so good. I hope that I get the opportunity to meet more of you.
Have a good day : ).


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im 5’9” watch out boiiiii :cool::cool:


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Hi I’m block!
Feel free to say hi to me in game
(My username is Blocksanity)
Hope to see you around cf!


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Hi! My names Aaron. I hope to see you on the server. I am 5"10 hehe